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Adding Slideshows to Pages

Create albums in your Photo Gallery and place photos into your albums. You can then edit your website pages and display entire albums as slideshows instead of single photos.

Edit your website pages by clicking the Pages icon on your Dashboard main menu or selecting "SiteBuilder" => "Pages" from the top nav menu. Edit a page and click on any photo icon to edit the photo for that selection. Choose an album from the Album dropdown menu and check the box that reads "Display All Photos In Album". Save your page changes.

When editing your pages, select "Display All Photos In Album" to
display an album slideshow on that page instead of just a single image.

To edit the preferences for this album's display, click the "View Details" link below the list of album photos. This will open the album's slideshow properties. You can select how this album behaves on the page with these options, including if the album should autostart in slideshow mode, the transition style, whether or not to display album image thumbnails, and so forth.

Adjust the album preferences

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