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Have you been searching for wedding invitations and stationery, but aren’t satisfied with the options out there? If you love working with your hands and designing with paper, and if you have enough time (or assistance) available, then you may want to consider creating your own wedding stationery yourself. After all, you can’t get any more personal than handmade invitations, and it’s a great way to really put your very own personal stamp on your big day, especially for smaller guest lists.

If it sounds like a lot of work, it probably is. If it sounds like a fun activity that you can throw yourself into and create results that will make an impression, then it most certainly will be. The point: if it’s something you love to do, then it’s a project, not a chore. And if you’re one of those who see handmade stationery as a fun and personal way to solve your invitation search, then have I got an online resource for you.

Create your own wedding invitations and stationery!

Create your own wedding invitations and stationery!

Cardgirl DIY is a blog and website full of all sorts of ideas, inspirations, and advice for those looking to create their own invitations and stationery for any event. The website was created by the owner and founder of Cardgirl Invitations, Nessa Sander. In 2002, Nessa found herself up against the same wall of not finding the right stationery to match her wedding style, and decided to create them herself. One thing led to another, and Nessa found herself running her own full-time invitation business!

As Nessa puts it, she hit plenty of bumps along the way, and learned much of it all the hard way. She created Cardgirl DIY so that you can learn from her experiences and those of others. Check out her recommended invitation kits and print companies. Get advice and resources on everything from paper and letterpress to colors, accessories, and even wording etiquette. Do it yourself, with style!

Do you like the idea of handmade invitations but are strapped with such a sizable guest list that creating invitations for your entire wedding by hand would just be impossible? Some couples choose to create their own invitations for other, smaller, aspects of their wedding…such as the rehearsal dinner or bridal luncheon. Anytime you can DIY, you can be sure you’ll add a hefty dose of personality to your big day–always a good thing–and you’ll most likely save quite a bit of money in the process.

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