Personalized Handmade Wire Hangers

I saw these adorable personalized wire hangers a while back used by brides to hang their wedding gown and thought they were such a unique touch. They truly add a romantic vibe for that must-have photo shot of the wedding dress. These crafty hangers can be personalized with your name(s), new last name, a meaningful word or phrase such as “love”, “happiness” or “at last”, or just a simple heart shape to make it extra special. You can also get one of these hangers for each one of your bridesmaids as a gift, personalized with their name. Such a memorable gift can be used to hang their favorite dress, lingerie, accessories or their bridesmaid dress after the wedding. You can custom order these super cute hangers from LilaFrances via Etsy, she’s the original designer/inventor!


{Photo Credits: Megan W Photography, Ashley Rose Photography,
LilaFrances via Etsy, Jasmine Star Photography}

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  1. avatar Shameme Adams says:

    They’re beautiful, i’m not too lucky in love!! but still keepinh positive and i would love a wire hanger like this with my first name on!. I’ve tried to purchase one but am having problems, you bid on a Sunday or something :( . Sad as i’de love one!. Anyone can help feel free to email me on


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