“I Do” & “Just Give” Combine Forces For Charity Registries

Last week I covered a do-it-yourself way to create your own honeymoon registry as an alternative wedding gift option, and in today’s post I’m introducing yet another great alternative: charity wedding gift registries. You might prefer not to receive gifts from your guests…a couple combining households, for example, may not want a third waffler or yet another dish collection. Perhaps you want to give your guests a break in today’s economy, or think the idea of obligatory gifts tacky.

A great idea if you’d prefer to opt out of the traditional gifts while still providing your guests a means to contribute to your happiness by giving is to sponsor a charity registry, in which donations are made in the name of your favorite charity or to a cause that is important to you both.

JustGive and the I Do Foundation are two fantastic resources that can provide you with a means to build and manage just such a charity registry, at no cost to you. You can set up your registry and link to it right from your wedding website, so all your guests can easily locate and access it.

Just Give

Just this week, JustGive and I Do have joined forces to provide even more features for your charity registry, including:

  • A wealth of eco-chic wedding Tips & Ideas for going green without sacrificing style
  • A powerful, easy-to-search database of more than 1.5 million charities
  • A new, memorable way to thank members of their wedding party, family, special friends or officiant with a GiveNow charity gift card
  • Meaningful and nontraditional charitable favors that make a lasting impact

The I Do Foundation

Check them out and let them help you make a big difference with your big day!

Photo Credits: Screenshots from justgive.org and idofoundation.org

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  1. This really is a wonderful idea, particularly for those couples who have already been living together for a while and have all the toasters, linen and plates they need!

    I’m not sure we have anything like this in the UK yet, but a few charities have started offering charity wedding favours. Instead of chocolates or the traditional sugared almonds, you make a small donation per guest, typically £1-£2 ($2-$3), and each guest receives a charity pin/badge.

  2. avatar Dana says:

    This is a great idea! I have been trying to connect with them because I would love to incorporate this charitable aspect into our cash gift registry service here at Deposit a Gift. If you know anyone I can speak with, I would appreciate it very much. The more outlets we have to offer people charitable giving options, the better :)


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