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I love traveling, I love to share where I’ve traveled with family and friends, I love to see where the best spots to hit are while I’m traveling, and I love to write about traveling. Did I mention I love traveling? If you’re anything like me, you have to check out the destination explore-and-share service Gogobot.

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, your honeymoon, or just a cool spot to hit in your own home town, you’d be remiss if you didn’t give this a try. Gogobot is a great way to not only learn about a location and what to do there, but to share your favorite places with friends and even see if anyone you know has already recommended spots in the area you’re at.

When you sign up with Gogobot, you’ll be able to connect with Facebook or Twitter and immediately see the places your friends have traveled and recommended. Need more information about an area? Use the “Ask a Question” feature and let the large and growing community point you in the right direction. Gogobot lets you explore an area extensively to find the best attractions, hotels, dining, and more, all using reviews, photos and details generated by other travelers. And it’s mobile, too, so it’s like having the best, most updated travel guide in your pocket wherever you go.

Find out instantly what the best spots are to hit in an area. Information is always fresh, updated and maintained by Gogobot's extensive traveling member community

Get the scoop on the move with Gogobot mobile

Best of all, whether you’re on the road or discovering a hidden gem at home, Gogobot is the perfect way to share the experience with everyone. Use the mobile app to quickly post a Facebook postcard, or do a writeup and share even more. Your profile will include all your location details and even itineraries, so it’s a great scrapbooking and journaling tool, too.

Snap shots of where you are to share online with the mobile app

Share postcards on Facebook, on the fly from your location

Ready to plan your destination wedding or honeymoon? This is a great place to start. Just be forewarned: usage could be habit forming. Happy travels!

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