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I recently discovered NotesCloud, a great online idea and notes organizer, and the other day came across another organizational tool you might find useful: This new idea search engine and scrapbooking service takes elements of Pinterest and other social sharing sites, and gives it a wedding planning-specific spin., a new scrapbooking service and search engine for wedding planning

While being geared topically towards weddings and wedding planning, also adds tools and features that nearlyweds might find particularly useful. For one, they’ve partnered with a number of wedding vendors so that pricing information and purchases for some items can be made directly off of that item’s pinned image.

Some merchandise photos allow you to see purchase details by clicking a "Shop" icon right from the image view

And there’s also a color selector to filter image results by a specific color, helpful for narrowing results down to within your palette:

Using the color selector, you can filter results to a particular palette

With, you add photos to “bundles” (analagous to Pinterest’s “boards”), which can be shared easily with friends and family. Add it to your e-planning arsenal, nearlyweds!

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