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Soon-to-be-Wed Blogger since June 2009. Unfranchise Owner, Market America. Director of Comm. & Special Projects - Jennings Transportation. PSIA Level II Certified Ski Instructor. Location: Easton, PA. I live in the Lehigh Valley, PA with my fiance Daryl & maid of honor Sarah Reilly. My life revolves around spending time with Daryl and juggling our busy schedules.

One dress or two? The great bride debate!

A pretty hot trend for many brides to be is a bit of variety when it comes to their wedding dress.  By variety I mean choosing & wearing 2, or sometimes more, different wedding dresses on your wedding day!  For the baby boomer generation this is a hard concept to grasp.  To be quite honest, [...]

The wide world of INVITATIONS


Check another thing off of my checklist!   Invitations. Choosing invitations might seem like one of the simplest and perhaps mundane tasks involved in planning a wedding.  I certainly thought it would be.  I was under the false impression that picking out invitations involved choosing a few words or phrases that we were good with, [...]

The Countdown Is On…


6 months; 184 days; 4,416 hours; 264,960 minutes. Okay, enough of that. You get the point: our wedding is getting closer and closer. The 6 month mark for Daryl and I was just a week ago, on the 13th.  The 6 month mark may be the point where some brides might officially begin freaking out. [...]

It’s ALL About the Benjamins Baby!!

It's ALL about the BENJAMINS!

Weddings are probably not what Sean P. Diddy Comes, formerly Puff Daddy, etc. etc., had in mind when he came out with that famously catchy rap tune; but they sure can require a lot of benjamins! Fortunately, Daryl & I aren’t as scraped as some may be when it comes to our wedding budget. We [...]