Wedding Planning Breaks

Breaks and leaves of absence should not apply just to school and work, but major projects too – like planning your wedding!  This is a major lesson learned through the course of my planning so far. Given 14 months from engagement to wedding date, it gave me too much time to over think every detail.  [...]

One dress or two? The great bride debate!

A pretty hot trend for many brides to be is a bit of variety when it comes to their wedding dress.  By variety I mean choosing & wearing 2, or sometimes more, different wedding dresses on your wedding day!  For the baby boomer generation this is a hard concept to grasp.  To be quite honest, [...]

The wide world of INVITATIONS


Check another thing off of my checklist!   Invitations. Choosing invitations might seem like one of the simplest and perhaps mundane tasks involved in planning a wedding.  I certainly thought it would be.  I was under the false impression that picking out invitations involved choosing a few words or phrases that we were good with, [...]

Choosing a Photographer

As a bride-to-be with no experience in hiring photographers (except for the one I chose for my senior high school picture), the task of finding one to capture one of the most important days of my life seemed impossible.  There are so many photographers out there, where would we begin? At the advice of my [...]

The Countdown Is On…


6 months; 184 days; 4,416 hours; 264,960 minutes. Okay, enough of that. You get the point: our wedding is getting closer and closer. The 6 month mark for Daryl and I was just a week ago, on the 13th.  The 6 month mark may be the point where some brides might officially begin freaking out. [...]

It’s ALL About the Benjamins Baby!!

It's ALL about the BENJAMINS!

Weddings are probably not what Sean P. Diddy Comes, formerly Puff Daddy, etc. etc., had in mind when he came out with that famously catchy rap tune; but they sure can require a lot of benjamins! Fortunately, Daryl & I aren’t as scraped as some may be when it comes to our wedding budget. We [...]

Narrowing down colors


We’re an indecisive couple, and choosing colors or a theme for our wedding hasn’t been easy. One way that we’ve narrowed it down is visiting our wedding and reception sites with colors in mind. After visiting these sites, at least we’ve narrowed down what won’t work – colors that would clash with the decor or [...]

Save the Date… and your money!


Save the Dates–they’re not required, but would be a courteous gesture to your guests, especially for couples who hope to have out-of-towners attend, or are planning a destination wedding. So maybe you’re thinking that you’re already shelling out the cash for fancy invitations, or will be spending a lot of time on DIY invites, do [...]

Seattle-Area Reception Sites for 300 w/Free Parking


Possible reception sites that can accommodate 300 guests, have free parking and are reasonably priced. Venues listed: Spirit of Washington Event Center and University of Washington Horticulture Center

Welcoming Our Soon-to-be-Weds!


Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting our new blog! I just wanted to give a great big thanks to our very first soon-to-be-wed contributors: Marivic has traveled throughout the United States and the world to places like Spain and the Philippines, and has also had the opportunity to travel as a soldier in the US Army [...]