Happy Valentine’s Day! 1st Place Contest Winners


I hope we didn’t lose anybody to O.D. of chocolates and teddy bears. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Well, we’re finally wrapping up our Creative Personal Wedding Website Contest! We’ve had a lot of fun with this. We’ve already introduced our runners-up, Kyle & Tara and Adam & Thilini, and it’s been a real pleasure share [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day! 2rd Place Contest Winners


Hope your V-day is going swimmingly, all. Is love in the air yet? Well, it is for Kyle and Tara, the third-place winners in our Creative Personal Wedding Website Contest. These two put together a website that really rocks. And speaking of websites that rock, allow me to unveil the runners-up in the contest…. Congratulations [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day! 3rd Place Contest Winners


Hello everyone, and happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend, and have some nice warm and fuzzy romantic plans to spoil your special someone with. Valentine’s day is also an extra special day for us here at WedShare because we’re taking advantage of all these heady love-in-the-air vibes to share the winners [...]

How Creative Is Your Personal Wedding Website?


Have you put together something totally unique? Does your personal wedding website stand out over others out there? Your creativity could win you some free stuff… WedShare.com allows you to build a wedding website and truly make it your own. While the extensive library of designs and imagery allow you to be up and running [...]

Personalize Your Wedding With a Unique Groom’s Cake


The bride may be the undisputed star of the wedding, but we grooms get tossed a bone now and then. Here’s one we do get that I particularly like, especially considering the unlimited possibilities it provides, and because it’s a great way to weave your personality and interests into the affair. Always a good thing. [...]

Fun Wedding Idea: Make an Unexpected Ceremony Entrance


You may have seen this one already on Facebook, as it’s certainly making its rounds. It’s also being picked up by various wedding blogs and even highlighted in the news. What is it? It’s a couple thinking completely outside the box and personalizing their wedding in a fun and totally unexpected way. How will you [...]