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Quill Design
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The Only Wedding Websites Matched with Eco-Friendly Stationery

Quill Design

You're responsible. You're resourceful. You want a wedding that leaves an impression on your guests, not on the environment.

Putting all your information online at your personal wedding website is a great way to reduce paper waste. Now you can take it a step further when purchasing your traditional invitations and wedding stationery. is the first and only personal wedding website provider to offer eco-friendly, carbon neutral wedding stationery that matches your wedding website design.

We've partnered with green media company, WedVert, to provide you with beautiful eco-friendly stationery options that match select wedding website designs. WedVert is the modern brides' guide to a green wedding.

VERT - The First Zero Carbon Wedding Invitation Line

The Very First Zero-Carbon Wedding Invitation Line!

Botanical Design

VERT, the WedVert wedding stationery collection, is not only eco-friendly, it is the first zero-carbon wedding stationery line!

The paper used for the VERT line is made from of 100% PCW (Post Consumer Waste), and is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). The paper is Processed Chlorine Free (PCF), made Carbon Neutral (CN), and can be recycled. Soy-based inks are used which are biodegradable and do not necessitate the use of toxic cleaners.

In addition to using FSC certified paper, assuring responsible harvesting of fibers, the printer used is also FSC certified. FSC certified paper production AND printing reduces water consumption by more than 50% and air pollution by more than 70%.

As we all know, putting together a wedding consumes a lot of our energy, time, and emotional resources. But it can consume a lot of natural resources as well, and one area that can be heavy-handed environmentally is the stationery. But with WedShare and WedVert, your wedding is now greener than ever!

For more on the eco-friendly WedVert print stationery line, check out

More Designs Coming Soon From WedShare & WedVert

Additional matched website designs and green wedding stationery will continue to be added to our design library over time, and our goal is to provide environmentally friendly print stationery options for all existing WedShare designs as well. Check out the following that are part of the current line already:

Bloom Design


Cameo Design


Woodland Design


Deco Design

Personal wedding websites matched with eco-friendly wedding stationery. Very eco-chic!

NOTE: Our stationery partner is in the process of updating their online ordering system.
Please contact directly to place your order.

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