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 How Can I Use My Own Domain Name?
Solution You can certainly use your own domain name for your wedding website, as long as your registrar (the company you purchased your domain name from) will "create zone records in their nameservice for you." (even if you're not sure what that means, your registrar will).

If you haven't already, go ahead and start the free trial and check the box that reads "I already own this domain"; you'll be issued a temporary address until purchase time. If you've already started a free trial, select "Account Information" from the control panel main menu, enter in your domain name, and check the "I own this domain" box.

Once you purchase, we will make the necessary adjustments on our end for your domain name, and we will send you an email when it is ready. To complete the process, you'll need to do the following:

  • 1. Contact your registrar and request that they create the necessary A records in their nameservice to point your domain name to your website's IP address. You can give them the IP address Note: This is NOT a redirect, and this is not assigning nameservers. You want your registrar to add the A records to their nameservice for your domain.

  • 2. If you want to take advantage of's email service, have your registrar create an MX record for your domain as well. The MX record should be your domain, prepended by "mail" (for example: MX 10

While most registrars provide an interface where you can set your zone records yourself, your registrar should have a contact phone/email where you can request that they take care of it for you. Here are some examples of properly set zone records.

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