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Advanced Text Designer Demo

Our text designer allows a great deal of customization and control over your content. Word processor-like controls and a user-friendly interface make tailoring the look and feel of your entries a snap, even if you've never before touched a line of code. You can even build and modify tables. The HTML View icon lets you switch back and forth between code and editor views, for even more control if you're familiar with HTML. And when you're done creating an entry, the interactive spell-checker makes it easy to proof your content. Give it a try below...

Compatibility Notes
Most popular browsers are supported, including current versions of IE (Windows), Firefox (Windows, Mac, and Unix), Mozilla (Windows, Mac, and Unix), Netscape (Windows, Mac, and Unix), and Safari (Mac). If your browser isn't supported, you'll still be able to enter content but won't see the extra editing features. We're working to expand compatibility to even more browsers in the near future.

You'll need to have Javascript enabled to use the text designer.

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