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Online Blogs Becoming Hot Wedding Planning Trend

Most engaged couples today juggle the details of planning their own wedding. The Internet is becoming more of an asset for engaged couples, by helping to manage information and facilitate communication., an online service provider offering do-it-yourself personal wedding websites and online wedding planning tools, says that online journals, or "blogs", are one of the most popular planning tools on the net.

San Jose, California (MEDIASOFT) Fri, February 15th -- Personal wedding website and planning tools service ( states that trends in the wedding industry are changing rapidly. So rapidly, in fact, that it mirrors the change rate in another fluid industry: technology.

And the two industries have more in common than you may think.

The Internet is becoming the hot spot for wedding planning and all things bridal. Over 70% of couples today use the Internet heavily in their wedding planning, a figure that was unheard of five to ten years ago. Whether it's finding bridal bargains, looking up vendors, or communicating with their guests and bridal party, couples are spending more time planning their wedding online today than ever before.

"What we're seeing today are big cultural and social changes," says co-founder and CEO Crystal Melendez. "Computer and networking technology has moved out of the realm of the technical engineer and academic, and into the fabric of everyday lifestyle. The explosion of social networking websites says it all. Many couples today who are getting engaged are already used to the idea of spending a significant amount of time online: communicating, keeping in touch with friends and family, shopping, and looking for information."

One of the latest changes is the rise of the "blog", or weblog. It is a running journal that can be composed and published to the world instantly, and contributed to by any number of other parties. Blogs are a big part of online social networking, and now engaged couples are leveraging on the communications power of blogs to the benefit of their wedding planning.

"Couples use blogs in all sorts of ways," Melendez says. "Usually to facilitate communication with friends and family, or with the bridal party. Sometimes for ideas and decision-making assistance. Sometimes just to vent. It's a great online wedding planning tool and can be very practical, very useful, and also very entertaining."

While blogs are just one component in a growing pool of online wedding tools and resources, says that they are one of the more popular. In response, has released a full suite of online blogging tools designed specifically for couples planning their wedding. The blogs are integrated with a couple's personal wedding website, a hot new trend in itself. Personal wedding websites allow couples to easily facilitate communication between vendors, their family and friends through instant publication. Blogs are also able to be shared with other websites and news-reading software through an online sharing protocol known as an RSS feed.

"Anything to facilitate communication and interaction between the couples is always well received," says Melendez. "When we see something that we develop become so popular and such an integral part of so many couples' planning, it's very rewarding. This is one of the most special times in their lives, and it's great to be a part of it."

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About was founded in 2004 by Crystal and Jason Melendez, online wedding planning experts, married couple, and authors of "e-Plan Your Wedding: How to Save Time and Money with Today's Best Online Resources". Since its founding, has become a leading planning resource and top personal wedding website provider. The company is based in California's Silicon Valley and has an international client base that stretches across the globe. Its goal is to enable anyone to create their own unique personal wedding website, and to use the latest technology to streamline the many planning details with ease and confidence.

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