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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We've posted the answers to some of the more frequent ones here. Remember, our support representatives are here to help you and can be reached using our Support Center. If you can't find an answer to a question you have, or if you just need more information, feel free to contact us at any time.

General Wedding Website Questions
Domain Name Service Questions
Purchasing Questions
SiteBuilder™ Questions
Feature Specific Questions
Photo Gallery Questions

General Wedding Website Questions

How do I get started?
You can have your wedding website right away, with no obligation or hassle, by selecting Start Free Trial from the WedShare home page. You'll enter a contact email address, choose a domain name, pick a username and password, and that's it! You don't need to provide a credit card or other personal information; get your wedding website live and on the web in minutes!
How does my website get created and modified?
WedShare wedding websites are made up of features. For example, a welcome page is a feature, as is a multimedia gallery. When your website is first created, it has only one feature active by default: a Welcome Page with a preloaded welcome message. There is also an animated Flash® Introduction.

To activate more features, edit their content, and customize the look and feel of your website (colors, theme, page layouts), you will need to log into your account from the WedShare home page. This allows you to access your Control Panel, where you can manage every aspect of your wedding website and utilize your extensive planning tools.
How long until I can see my wedding website on the Internet?
Your wedding website is online and accessible immediately, as soon as you complete the free trial registration. The registration can be done in minutes.
Can I make changes to my wedding website any time I want? Is there a limit to how many changes I can make?
You can make as many changes to your wedding website as often as you like, from any computer with an Internet connection. No limits! Your Control Panel allows you to modify and customize colors, theme, page layouts and content, as well as upload and modify the photos you would like to display on your pages. With WedShare you have complete control!
How do I share my wedding website with my guests?
With WedShare, you select your own domain name (i.e. as your website address that you can share with your friends and family. During your 14-day free trial, or until you purchase your site, your website address will be a temporary one (i.e.

Once you purchase your site you will want to let everyone know your new personalized online address! You can do this in one or more ways: send a Save-The-Date ecard or postcard with your website address in the message, send an email to all your guests with the address, and even include the address in your wedding invitation.

Sending save the date e-cards or other email announcements is easy with WedShare's online wedding planning tools, which can send an e-card or email broadcast to your entire guestlist with a single click!
What features are included with a WedShare wedding website?
WedShare is proud to offer some of the most powerful and fully customizable features available. See our Features page for a detailed listing.
What if I'm building my website and I need help or have questions... who can I contact?
We're always here to help you and answer your questions. Use our convenient Support Center to send us your inquiries and we'll respond within 24 hours.
Am I able to name the pages of my wedding website anything I like?
Yes! WedShare web pages are called features, and like everything else about your wedding website, feature titles and menu options are completely customizable.

Each feature of your website, along with that feature's associated menu button, can be named and renamed anything you prefer, within a reasonable number of characters. The "Website Pages and Content Blocks" link in your Control Panel allows you to modify this and anything else about your wedding website's various features.
Will I need to have a hosting company host my wedding website?
There is no need to worry about a hosting company or any other technical details regarding your wedding website. WedShare will provide the hosting for you as well as your domain name registration, enabling you to focus on building your wedding website and planning for your big day!
Will my wedding website contain advertisements?
No, your website will not contain any advertisements. You won't have advertisements on your control panel, either. Who needs all that clutter?
Is it possible for someone else to access my wedding website's Control Panel?
Your WedShare Control Panel is accessed by a username and password that you choose when creating your site. Your password is encrypted and stored so that nobody, not even we, can determine it. Only those who know your username and password can access your Control Panel.

Make sure when when you select a password that you choose one which is not easy to figure out by others. You can always change your password by selecting 'Edit Account Details' from your Control Panel.
Help! I cannot log into my Control Panel with my username and password.
If you've forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot Password?" link and the system will email you a new one. Change this as soon as possible for security purposes.

If you still cannot log in, make sure your browser has cookies enabled. Without cookies enabled, you will not be able to log into your Control Panel.
Do I need to know any HTML?
No. WedShare's unique SiteBuilder™ technology allows you to build, modify, and customize beautiful wedding websites that were previously only possible through expensive consultation and custom design.

That said, you are free to add HTML code to your text content if you like. For content entry, we provide an Advanced Text Designer interface complete with a rich and powerful toolbar so you can style your text professionally without knowledge of HTML. But you can also toggle to an "HTML view" to access and modify the code behind your pages. Our text designer supports all popular browser types.
My sister is getting married and I want to give her a wedding website. Is there a way to purchase one as a gift?
Yes! A WedShare wedding website is a wonderful, unique gift idea for any bride- and groom-to-be. Best of all, we have an online
gift shop where you can design a beautiful gift card to be sent as an ecard or hand assembled and sent by mail. Inside the gift card will be a message from you and a special enclosed gift: their very own wedding website!
How does the Gift Site work? Do I need to set up the website for the recipient?
A WedShare wedding website is a unique, thoughtful wedding gift that will be loved and appreciated. It's also very convenient to purchase, personalize, and send.

Visit our online gift shop and in just minutes you can personalize a gift card or eCard. You do NOT need to set up the wedding website: the lucky recipients will be the ones to enjoy that experience, from choosing their domain name to launching their new website.

The eCard has a link that the recipient clicks in order to redeem their gift site. The mailed card has a printed redemption address, gift ID number and password for the recipient to redeem their gift site. Every mailed gift card is hand assembled by us according to the specifications you set while creating the card online. They look beautiful, and so will the website!

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Domain Name Service Questions

When do I select my domain name?
When you begin your free trial, you are asked to select a domain name. Finding a domain name you both love that says "You" like none other is a fun part of the wedding website process! Our handy domain search tool helps you find an available domain name that you can call your own.
What will my WedShare domain name be?
As soon as you purchase your site, we will try and reserve your domain name choice. The domain name you select can be any available domain name ending in .com, .net, .org, or .info. If you choose as your domain name, then that's what your website address will be, as long as it's still available when you purchase. Once you purchase and your domain name is reserved, it's yours! Your guests will be able to access your site at or just For as long as you own your WedShare site, your address will never change. Share it with all your family, friends, and vendors!

During your free trial period, your website's address will be your domain name choice prepended to WedShare's address. For example, if you selected as your domain name choice, your address during your trial period only would be:
When can I safely order stationery with my website address on it?
Keep in mind that your website address selection is not reserved until your membership has been purchased, so there's a chance that it may become unavailable during your free trial. For this reason, we strongly advise against ordering stationery with your website address on it before your purchase is made and your new address is activated. Once your address is safely reserved, we'll send you an email letting you know. After that point, it's safe to order stationery or place your new website address anywhere you like...because it's now yours!
I already own a domain name. Can I use it for my WedShare website?
Yes. This Support Center article provides the necessary steps. You can also view examples of how the DNS should be set at your registrar here.

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Purchasing Questions

How much does a WedShare site cost? How long is it up?
Our very affordable price tag is, as our clients have told us, the best investment a couple can make towards their wedding. Check out current pricing by clicking our Pricing tab.

Renew your website at a discounted rate to keep it up as long as you like!
Can I pay for my WedShare site on a month-to-month basis?
WedShare membership is currently only offered in prepaid 6 month increments.
Are there any additional fees?
No. All costs for your website, site builder tools, domain name, hosting, email addresses, webmail interface, and planning tools are included in the low price.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Mastercard, Visa, and personal checks. Checks can be sent in the mail to our payment office (make payable to at:
Attn: New memberships
123 E. San Carlos St. #113
San Jose, CA 95112
Can I purchase a CD of my website?

Unfortunately this is not possible, since many of our features are dynamic and depend on our server to function properly.

If I don't live in the United States, can I purchase a website?
Yes, WedShare websites are purchased from all over the world.
What options do I have to renew my WedShare website after my initial purchase period is over?
Our service is designed for the long term in mind. Most clients prefer to keep their website live after their wedding in order to share their wedding pictures, video, and stories as well as those of their honeymoon.

Additionally, your WedShare site can transition from a wedding website to a baby or family website. Do you and your spouse-to-be plan on doing a lot of travelling? Make your website your online travel showcase!

Our websites can be renewed at a greatly discounted rate in 6-month intervals, and you can renew whenever and as often as you like! Click on "Purchase/Renew" from your Control Panel to renew your website.
My account or trial account has expired, but I want to purchase or renew my website. Can I? Is my website and my information lost?
Not to worry; with so many dates and deadlines to manage, it's easy to forget a few... including your WedShare expiration date! That's why we hold on to your information for a full 30 days after your website expires. If your trial account or membership account has expired within that time, all you need to do is renew or purchase it and your website will be restored, complete with all your information and preferences.

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Purchasing Questions

In General Preferences, I have the option to upload a Main Photo. What is this?
This photograph will identify your site as much as the title. It will be integrated into the design of several pages in your website, including the Flash® intro if you choose. The header photo is generally located at the top of your pages, positioned according to your preference (right or left aligned, etc.).

You can select one of our default images or use a special photograph of your own. As with all preferences, the header photo can always be changed at any time.

The main website photo should be a square (same width and height) so as not to appear distored. You can always crop a photo you've uploaded in the Photo Lab in order to make the photo fit this size.
I've selected a color scheme and theme for my wedding site before I knew what my wedding colors would be. Now we've decided on that...but I've already set up several web pages with pictures and content. Can I change the colors, theme, and layouts now?
Yes. Changing the entire look and feel of your site is always as easy as opening your control panel and modifying your preferences. With a single click, your entire site can change from one color scheme to the next, one theme to another...immediately and no matter how large or complex your existing website may be. And, you can make all these changes as often as you like.
I've activated some features for my website. I can see the new pages when I go to my site, but how do I change the content and pictures on these pages? Can I remove these pages later on if I decide I don't want them anymore?
Click on "Website Pages and Content Blocks" in your Control Panel menu, the same place where you activated the new features. You will see two lists: the first list contains all your currently active features, and the second list contains features you do not have active.

For each active feature, there are two links: edit and deactivate.

Click on 'edit' to manage the content, images, and page layout of the feature. Click on 'deactivate' to turn that feature off so that it is no longer public. When you deactivate a feature, the information for that page or set of pages is always maintained and you can activate it again at any time. You can also edit your pages while they're deactivated, so you can build them at your own pace and publish them when you're ready.
I like all the features I have available, but I don't have time to set up the content, look and feel for all of them. Can you help?
Yes. You're planning a wedding, and you have a lot on your plate. One of the reasons that WedShare is so convenient is that for every feature, every web page, and every menu option of your wedding site, there will already be pre-loaded, general content and default images that you can use as temporary filler until you get around to customizing those details you want. You build your website at your own pace!

You can use the defaults as examples, guidelines, or something to build on. If you like them enough, you can simply leave them as is. There's nothing more daunting than an empty canvas to begin painting, so we always have examples set up for you to work from.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the start-from-scratch scenario, just remove the defaults and begin building your own!
I want my website's menu to be ordered differently. Is this possible?
Yes. You can order your menu in any fashion and as often as you like. In the "Website Pages and Content Blocks" page, use the dropdown menu to the left of each active feature listed to set them in the desired order.

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Feature Specific Questions

I already have my gift registries set up with the stores I've chosen. Can I put the links to these stores on my website?
Yes, you can easily do this with the "Gift Registry" feature. You can select your registry from a list of popular online registries or add it if it is not already there. Details
My visitors can't see the events on my Event Calendar, but I can see them when I log in from my Dashboard. What's going on?
When creating events on your calendar, you have the option to make these events public or private. If you make an event private, it is only visible to you when logging in through your control panel. By editing your existing events, you can switch the ones you want to share with your guests from private to public at any time.
A couple of my guests have told me that they can't see my calendar, guestbook, or photo gallery. Why not?
Some pages of your website, including the event calendar and guestbook, require the visitor to have cookies enabled on his or her browser. Let your guests know to check that cookies are enabled or they will not be able to view these pages of your site. Authentication cookies are a basic feature of many websites, and most visitors will have this enabled by default. Your website should not require any other specific browser settings.
How do I see my RSVP responses?
From your Dashboard, select Planning Tools on the top menu and then "Event Manager". From your list of events, click the "View Responses" link to see response summaries for that particular event.

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Photo Gallery Questions

How do I add photos to my website?
You can upload an unlimited number of photos to post on your webpages! When you edit your pages from the "Website Pages and Content Blocks" page, you will have the opportunity to select existing photos to arrange on your pages or you can upload new ones.

These images can be a .gif, .jpg, or .jpeg file and are produced by scanning photos in a digital scanner, taking them from a digital camera, copying them from an image CD, obtaining them via email, and so forth.
Do my photos have to be in a certain format? What limitations do I have on size and resolution?
File formats most compatible online are .gif and .jpeg (or .jpg). These are the most common formats, and your digital camera, scanner, or photo CD should provide photos in one of these formats.

With, you don't have to worry about the resolution or filesize of your images. Our image handling process will take care of everything! Once you upload a file, it will be automatically sized for you, and you can use our photo editor while building your pages to size your photos down further if you like. It's all about what looks good on your web pages! When your visitors click a photo on your website, they'll be able to see a larger version anyway, so you won't have to worry about missing any details.
Can I see and manage all the pictures I've uploaded?
Yes, you will find all your uploaded photos in your Photo Lab. The Photo Lab is available as a link on your Control Panel.

Every image you have uploaded will be listed in your Photo Lab page, and you'll be able to rotate, size, switch to black-and-white (and back to color!), and add other fun effects.
How do I replace photos I've uploaded?
All you have to do is upload a photo of the exact same filename as one already in your photo library that you'd like to replace. The newly uploaded photo will replace the existing one on any pages it is posted.
Can I modify photos online after I've uploaded them? I may want to crop them to a smaller size, or edit them.
Yes. You can resize your photos, rotate them, crop them to a square, switch to black-and-white or back to color, and more.
I have photos in my multimedia gallery that I would like use in my web pages. How can I do this?
Photos that are used in your web pages are kept in your Photo Lab, accessible from your website's Control Panel via the "Photo Lab" link. These images are separate from the pictures and videos in your multimedia gallery. If you'd like to use photos that are in your multimedia gallery to put in the rest of your web pages, you'll need to upload these photos into your Photo Lab as you would any other image.
I want to have a photo of me and my fiancÚ(e) on every page in my website. Can I do this?
Yes. In the General Preferences page accessible from your Control Panel, you have the option to add a main header photo. This photo will be located on the header of all your web pages as well as your Flash® intro. Remember that your main header photo, unlike the rest of your website's photos, must be a square (with the same width and height), or it will appear distorted. You can crop any image in your library to a square on the Photo Lab page.
I want to make one of my color photos black-and-white, but I don't know how. Can you help?
This is as simple as clicking a checkbox. Any time you post a photo, you will have the opportunity to display the photo as black-and-white. You can also make the switch in your Photo Lab page. If you decide you'd rather have the photo in color, you can always switch back, too!
What if I don't have digital photos of us ready but I want to purchase a website?
We provide a number of ready-to-go public images that you can use for your website in the place of your own photos. This way you can build your site and add your own photos whenever you're ready.
My headers and photos are displayed with a black box bordering each of them. The black box doesn't go away. What's going on?
Some very old or misconfigured browsers won't support the PNG transparency format, which is responsible for making your image thumbnails and header fonts look so cool. The technology we use is compatible with all major browsers (99% of all Internet users, in fact), so this issue is very rare. But if you notice it, report it to us along with your browser type and version number and we'll look into it. In the meantime, you may want to upgrade your browser or switch to another, better supported, browser type.
An image on my website is not loading, but the rest are fine. Why is this?
You may have deleted the image in your Photo Lab. Check to see if the image was removed and try uploading a new one. You'll need to edit the webpage you're noticing the missing photo and select the new image.

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