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Ad listings are shown in the right-hand columns of our pages and we have a number of size and placement options to fit your budget. Because our ad platform is new, you can take advantage of our ultra-low introductory rates! Your advertisement will be available on all pages of our blog, and as a bonus unique among wedding blogs, your listings will also be included in the wedding website service’s Dashboard for all WedShare free accounts. That means that engaged couples building their website will see your ads on a regular basis!

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Another opportunity we provide to promote your business is our { Sponsored Articles } section. For a one-time advertisement cost, we will perform an in-depth review of your business or service, then compose a detailed article which will be posted for life in the Sponsored Vendors section. When they are released, sponsored vendors articles are added to the Pixel & Ink index just like any other new blog post, and they will be included in search results as well.

Like all of our blog articles, sponsored articles are also promoted on Twitter and Facebook via the WedShare Twitter feed and Facebook page.

For the benefit of our readers, we make it clear which articles are sponsored by a header or footer notation as well as their categorization in the Sponsored Vendors section.