Finding Vintage Inspiration for Your Wedding Wardrobe


While scouring our wonderful Wishpot Wedding Expert’s profiles, I noticed that many of the experts had fabulous vintage or vintage inspired pieces on their wish lists. To make your wedding attire unique, use vintage items such as veils, earrings, or even shoes. One-of-a-kind pieces are sure to make you look and feel like royalty on [...]

“I Do” & “Just Give” Combine Forces For Charity Registries


Last week I covered a do-it-yourself way to create your own honeymoon registry as an alternative wedding gift option, and in today’s post I’m introducing yet another great alternative: charity wedding gift registries. You might prefer not to receive gifts from your guests…a couple combining households, for example, may not want a third waffler or [...]

How To Create Your Own Honeymoon Registry


What is it? Monetary gift registries, also called cash registries, are a growing trend as a wedding gift alternative. They’re convenient for both you and your guests, combining the ease of a cash contribution with the thoughtfulness of a selected gift. The basic idea is an online list of items (i.e. contribution towards a home [...]

Finding Inspiration In Unique Places


The Wishpot Wedding Blog is all about details this Spring. Setting the scene for your event can be a great planning tool. Finding specific colors and textures, or maybe favor items to use as inspiration, can help guide your vision. Create a wish list of ideas to help keep things in order. These small (or [...]

Wishpot Tips for Purple Weddings


From the recent Golden Globes to famous celebrity weddings, purple is the new and trendy color for gowns and weddings! This month Wishpot gives you tips and ideas for your gorgeous purple wedding. When it comes to a purple wedding, the bride can add a few little things to her white dress that will add [...]

Winter Wedding Favors by Wishpot


This month Wishpot brings you creative and fun ideas for wedding favors for a beautiful winter wedding! Trying to find new ways to personalize your favors and make them memorable? Wishpot wedding experts have so many great ideas for wedding favors that will leave a lasting impression this winter season! Wedding expert Wedangel has tons [...]

Online Gift Registry Services and Your Wedding Website


This is the second installment of a three-post series on wedding gifts. Monday’s post discussed alternative gift ideas. Today’s installment will cover some popular online registry services available and how to integrate them with your wedding website. My wrap-up post on Friday will guide you through gift tracking and writing thank-you notes. Wedding gifts have [...]

Alternative Wedding Gift Options


This is the first installment of a three-post series on wedding gifts. I’ll start off today discussing alternative gift ideas. The second installment, to be posted Wednesday, will cover some of the more popular online registry services available and how to integrate them with your wedding website. My wrap-up post on Friday will guide you [...]

Monogrammed Melamine Plates


These stylish monogrammed melamine plates can be the perfect bridesmaids’ gifts or a great table setting for a personalized bridal shower. Order them in bulk and keep them afterwards for the many future entertainment parties you’ll have after you tie the knot! Add them to your wish list on your wedding website’s registry page and [...]

Wedding Books To Help You On Your Big Day


Your wedding is one of the most important moments in your life and every girl dreams of her perfect fairytale day; but let’s face it… most of us don’t have the bucks to hire a wedding planner, so it’s up to us to make it a magical, dazzling day. Here are some great books to [...]