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The Wishpot Wedding Blog is all about details this Spring. Setting the scene for your event can be a great planning tool. Finding specific colors and textures, or maybe favor items to use as inspiration, can help guide your vision. Create a wish list of ideas to help keep things in order. These small (or large) items can reflect the mood you want. Love the beautiful color or see the perfect place setting? Add items to your wedding registry that reflect the aura you want to portray. These inspirational pieces can make your wedding more original and personal.
 Here are some of the inspirational picks from our Wishpot Wedding Experts:

Wishpot Selections

This necklace, sterling silver and black agate surrounded by diamonds, was picked out by Gekd Boutique and would be a beautiful piece of jewelry, not to mention such a great inspiration.

Bubbly Bride found these beautiful Victorian Globes. You could add flowers and use them as a vase, or wrap ribbons around them as a centerpiece.

Shell dishes are so unique and beautiful! wedangel found a perfect set that can be used as favors or decorations.

If you want to go green with your favors Cherished Gifts & Favors suggests these Eco-Friendly Note-Pads and Pencils

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