Online Gift Registry Services and Your Wedding Website


This is the second installment of a three-post series on wedding gifts. Monday’s post discussed alternative gift ideas. Today’s installment will cover some popular online registry services available and how to integrate them with your wedding website. My wrap-up post on Friday will guide you through gift tracking and writing thank-you notes. Wedding gifts have [...]

Cupcake Wrappers For Your Fall Wedding


Here are some really cute cupcake wrappers or liners that would be the perfect addition to cupcakes for your fall inspired wedding. These cupcake wrappers can be used to wrap a simple cupcake as a wedding favor or used in a dessert station at your wedding. They are so pretty and fairly inexpensive–about a dollar [...]

Alternative Wedding Gift Options


This is the first installment of a three-post series on wedding gifts. I’ll start off today discussing alternative gift ideas. The second installment, to be posted Wednesday, will cover some of the more popular online registry services available and how to integrate them with your wedding website. My wrap-up post on Friday will guide you [...]

Edible Fall Wedding Favors


When it comes to wedding favors, I personally prefer the edible variety. There are so many possibilities, and guests love nothing more than something yummy that they can munch or imbibe. What better thank-you gift to present them with? Edible favors can be very inexpensive, especially if they are homemade by you or someone you [...]

New Tech: My Wedding Concierge Vendor Guide iPhone App


Just got a line on a brand new iPhone app from what looks to be a brand new online wedding company. It’s always great to see new online resources come on the scene; more options for today’s nearlyweds! The name of the new company is WedSync, based in San Diego. WedSync was founded by Phyllis Cheung, [...]

A Fall Wedding


I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by! Summer is over, autumn is already upon us, and even though we’re still enjoying beautiful warm weather here in California, the trees are starting to drop leaves and change colors.  I love this cozy and colorful season, which is the subject of my first autumn inspired wedding board.  Rich auburn, orange [...]

The wide world of INVITATIONS


Check another thing off of my checklist!   Invitations. Choosing invitations might seem like one of the simplest and perhaps mundane tasks involved in planning a wedding.  I certainly thought it would be.  I was under the false impression that picking out invitations involved choosing a few words or phrases that we were good with, [...]

Create Your Own Wedding Photo Book with DIY Software


As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love stories. I love telling them, listening to them, and sharing them. Stories are everywhere, too: whether around a campfire, in a book, on the movie screen, with friends over dinner…even at work in the neighboring cubicle, borne on all-too-audible gossipy whispers. The love of a [...]

The Guestbook Store


While browsing the web I came across this fun guestbook idea from The Guestbook Store. They offer unique guestbook pages for every occasion, but their wedding and bridal shower pages are just too cute! Each guest is given their very own guestbook page to complete front and back during the wedding, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. You [...]

Name Change Considerations and Resources


Wedding planning constitutes a lot of detail juggling, and one of the last things you probably want to think about is the hassle of going through the name-change motions after your wedding. But don’t sweep this stuff under the rug; this is the type of thing that can grow into a full-blown legal hassle if [...]