New WeddingSnap Integration


Once upon a time, it was a really cool idea to place disposable cameras on your tables to collect later, after having been filled with shots of your day candidly taken from your guests’ perspectives. Times have changed, and the advent of the digital camera has pretty much made this time-honored tradition a thing of [...]

Your Wedding and Engagement Photos on Canvas


Looking to give your big day photos a special finishing touch? How about having them printed on canvas, just like a priceless piece of art? Love & Canvas is a brand new service created by members of an experienced photo-to-canvas printing company. Its focus is exclusively on helping nearlywed and newlywed couples print their wedding and engagement photos [...]

Create Your Own Wedding Photo Book with DIY Software


As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love stories. I love telling them, listening to them, and sharing them. Stories are everywhere, too: whether around a campfire, in a book, on the movie screen, with friends over dinner…even at work in the neighboring cubicle, borne on all-too-audible gossipy whispers. The love of a [...]

Improved WedShare Photo Selection Interface


WedShare’s Photo Lab allows you to do just about anything to your wedding website photos, from styling them, to rotating and sizing them, to cropping and adding captions, to managing comments and sharing. Previously, though, if you were in the middle of editing a page and wanted to alter the photo you were inserting, you [...] FREE Photoshop Effects For Your Wedding Website Imagery


On Monday, we saw how to showcase your photos in professional cinematic presentations for free using, and to embed the resulting videos on your wedding website pages. Today I continue the theme of totally free photo management and reveal another online resource to give you real control over your photos without lifting so much [...]

The End Of The Slideshow As We Know It


Everyone’s familiar with the slideshow: those cool online photo presentations that swap your pics methodically one after another. Some are better than others, with various transitions and navigational controls. They’re a great way to present your photos and can be embedded in the pages of personal websites, including wedding websites, as a way to present a [...]