New WeddingSnap Integration


Once upon a time, it was a really cool idea to place disposable cameras on your tables to collect later, after having been filled with shots of your day candidly taken from your guests’ perspectives. Times have changed, and the advent of the digital camera has pretty much made this time-honored tradition a thing of [...]

Create Moving Photos With This iPhone App


Combine the “living photo” effect from Harry Potter with the animated GIF technology of our own magical online world, and you’ve got something new, fun, and now easier than ever to create: Cinemagraphs. The process was created by visual graphics artists Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck and involves shooting both still photo and video, taking it through [...]

Capturing Guest Candid Photos at Your Wedding: Disposable Cameras Are So Last Year


Once upon a time, when I was married–oh, many ages ago back in the early 2000′s–it was but the dawn of the digital photography age. Like the 1950′s, when steam locomotives still shared the railways with their young upstart diesel counterparts, it was a time of technological transition. A number of our guests flashed newfangled, [...]