Illuminating Your Outdoor Wedding Reception Venue


If you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception that will go into the evening, a major consideration is the lighting for your venue. Your lighting will serve two purposes: adding to the reception decor, mood, and ambiance…as well as helping to illuminate paths and other areas for your guests to move about. If decor at your location [...]

Capturing Guest Candid Photos at Your Wedding: Disposable Cameras Are So Last Year


Once upon a time, when I was married–oh, many ages ago back in the early 2000′s–it was but the dawn of the digital photography age. Like the 1950′s, when steam locomotives still shared the railways with their young upstart diesel counterparts, it was a time of technological transition. A number of our guests flashed newfangled, [...]

Seattle-Area Reception Sites for 300 w/Free Parking


Possible reception sites that can accommodate 300 guests, have free parking and are reasonably priced. Venues listed: Spirit of Washington Event Center and University of Washington Horticulture Center