New WeddingSnap Integration


Once upon a time, it was a really cool idea to place disposable cameras on your tables to collect later, after having been filled with shots of your day candidly taken from your guests’ perspectives. Times have changed, and the advent of the digital camera has pretty much made this time-honored tradition a thing of [...]

Your Own Wedding Magazine As A Keepsake


Here’s an interesting idea I came across that you may want to check out. Wedzines is a company that will create a professionally designed wedding magazine just for you and your special day. Part showcase, part wedding program, part photo album, it’s your very own “publication” to celebrate your wedding. A lot of the content [...]

Cinematic Style For Your Wedding Video

Wedding videography can capture your day like no other medium, preserving the sights, sounds, and action for you to enjoy together or with family and friends anytime. And in my opinion, when it comes to a really standout wedding video, it’s all about the creativity and editing. To see what I mean, check out the [...]

Your Wedding and Engagement Photos on Canvas


Looking to give your big day photos a special finishing touch? How about having them printed on canvas, just like a priceless piece of art? Love & Canvas is a brand new service created by members of an experienced photo-to-canvas printing company. Its focus is exclusively on helping nearlywed and newlywed couples print their wedding and engagement photos [...]

Your Wedding Video as a Wedding Album (or vice versa)


It’s hard to beat video when it comes to reliving past moments; the sights, sounds, and action can take you back like no other medium. For my own wedding, our videography company created a highlights “reel” that compressed the entire day–from each of us getting ready in the morning at our respective locations to the [...]

Your Wedding, Broadcast Live Online


One of the first things to consider when embarking on the wedding planning adventure is your guest count. How many guests will you be accommodating? Some couples opt for an intimate affair for privacy reasons. Some for practical simplicity. But for many, trimming the guest list and deciding who’s in and who’s out comes down to [...]

Create Your Own Wedding Photo Book with DIY Software


As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love stories. I love telling them, listening to them, and sharing them. Stories are everywhere, too: whether around a campfire, in a book, on the movie screen, with friends over dinner…even at work in the neighboring cubicle, borne on all-too-audible gossipy whispers. The love of a [...]

Choosing a Photographer

As a bride-to-be with no experience in hiring photographers (except for the one I chose for my senior high school picture), the task of finding one to capture one of the most important days of my life seemed impossible.  There are so many photographers out there, where would we begin? At the advice of my [...]

Stop Motion Wedding Save-the-Dates and Invitations


In an effort to stand out and do something different for their wedding, couples are getting very creative, and it’s really fun to see what they’re coming up with these days. I’ve seen nearlyweds take the time to make some of the cutest save-the-dates and wedding invitations ever, and one growing trend in this area is [...]

Capturing Guest Candid Photos at Your Wedding: Disposable Cameras Are So Last Year


Once upon a time, when I was married–oh, many ages ago back in the early 2000′s–it was but the dawn of the digital photography age. Like the 1950′s, when steam locomotives still shared the railways with their young upstart diesel counterparts, it was a time of technological transition. A number of our guests flashed newfangled, [...]