Your Wedding Video as a Wedding Album (or vice versa)

It’s hard to beat video when it comes to reliving past moments; the sights, sounds, and action can take you back like no other medium. For my own wedding, our videography company created a highlights “reel” that compressed the entire day–from each of us getting ready in the morning at our respective locations to the last dance–in an entertaining, engaging, extremely well-edited fifteen minutes. Something like this is perfect for showcasing your big day or to relive the moments without boring yourself or your poor family and friends to death.

On the other hand, there’s nothing quite like the traditional wedding album when it comes to sheer portability and convenience. Wouldn’t it be great to somehow combine the two, with all the living action of video and at the same time all the portable, hold in your hand, share-anywhere ease of an album?

My Video My Voice is giving it a shot with innovative digital wedding albums. It’s a video…it’s an album…it’s both! The product itself looks and feels like a book, but when you open it up, it sports a 2.4 inch screen, a speaker, and a touch-menu to display 45 minutes of video in five separate chapters, divided up as you see fit. My fifteen-minute highlight reel could be one chapter, for example, the wedding toasts could be another, and still another could highlight the ceremony or first dance.

"Beach Chic", one of the designs for My Video My Voice's digital video albums

"Beach Chic", one of the designs for My Video My Voice's digital video albums

The company offers various sizes from the 8.5-inch x 10.75-inch keepsake album to the 5 x 7-inch save-the-date card/invitation. Check out the website to see all the features and style options available.

Different sizes available, from album to invitation

Different sizes are available, from keepsake album to save-the-date or invitation

Photo Credits: All images from My Video My Voice

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