New Photobook Software for Windows 7

I’m not a big Microsoft fan…in fact, I approach Windows and all Microsoft products with the motto “use sparingly, and avoid whenever possible.” But I know that alternatives aren’t always easy to come by: Macs are pricey, Linux can be unfriendly to the average Joe (although Ubuntu was designed to turn that around) and neither enjoy the broad pop application support that Windows does.

Yes, the evil Empire has done one heck of a job building their monopoly. But I digress.

I do have to admit that Windows 7 looks far more promising than the abysmal disaster that was Vista, so if you’re upgrading to 7 or have a new computer pre-loaded with it, more power to you.

On to the real topic of today’s post: here’s something to check out if you do happen to have Windows 7. It’s been recently announced that CeWe Color, Europe’s leading photo service, has teamed up with Microsoft to create a brand new photobook service for Windows 7, under the U.S. brand SmileBooks.

You may recall that I covered the topic of creating photobooks a few months ago, and how it’s a great alternative to the standard wedding photo album. Smilebooks takes it a step further than the competition by making use of new Windows 7 interface technology as well as touch-screen features. Check out the Smilebooks website for a quick video of someone designing a book entirely “by hand” via a touch interface, and to download a demo.

Using the touch features of Smilebooks for Windows 7 to create a photo book

Using the touch features of Smilebooks for Windows 7 to create a photo book

Photo credits: Photos and screenshots from CeWe Color AG & Co.

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