Introducing the New WedShare Video Gallery

video-gallery-feature’s personal wedding website service now includes a brand new Video Gallery feature, allowing you to organize videos into albums and display them on your wedding website. Like the YouTube Widget released earlier, WedShare’s Video Gallery is integrated with YouTube. This lets you add any video from your YouTube account to your WedShare albums with [...]

New YouTube Online Video Editor


For those couples who like to post YouTube videos to their wedding websites, here’s something just released that may be of interest to you.  YouTube has launched a cloud-based video-editing tool to enable people to edit their videos online before publishing them on the video-sharing website. The YouTube Video Editor will allow you to combine more [...]

Cinematic Style For Your Wedding Video

Wedding videography can capture your day like no other medium, preserving the sights, sounds, and action for you to enjoy together or with family and friends anytime. And in my opinion, when it comes to a really standout wedding video, it’s all about the creativity and editing. To see what I mean, check out the [...]

DIY Video Guestbook Kiosk For Your Wedding


Want to try something with a little more geek chic flair than the traditional sign-in guestbook at your wedding reception? How about a video guestbook kiosk that your guests can approach at their leisure to leave you personalized congratulations for viewing later or even incorporating into your wedding video? I found this mentioned over at [...]

Your Wedding Video as a Wedding Album (or vice versa)


It’s hard to beat video when it comes to reliving past moments; the sights, sounds, and action can take you back like no other medium. For my own wedding, our videography company created a highlights “reel” that compressed the entire day–from each of us getting ready in the morning at our respective locations to the [...]

Your Wedding, Broadcast Live Online


One of the first things to consider when embarking on the wedding planning adventure is your guest count. How many guests will you be accommodating? Some couples opt for an intimate affair for privacy reasons. Some for practical simplicity. But for many, trimming the guest list and deciding who’s in and who’s out comes down to [...]

The End Of The Slideshow As We Know It


Everyone’s familiar with the slideshow: those cool online photo presentations that swap your pics methodically one after another. Some are better than others, with various transitions and navigational controls. They’re a great way to present your photos and can be embedded in the pages of personal websites, including wedding websites, as a way to present a [...]