DIY Video Guestbook Kiosk For Your Wedding

Want to try something with a little more geek chic flair than the traditional sign-in guestbook at your wedding reception? How about a video guestbook kiosk that your guests can approach at their leisure to leave you personalized congratulations for viewing later or even incorporating into your wedding video?

I found this mentioned over at the Letterpress Wedding Invitations Blog and thought it was a fun idea to share. The basic technical requirements are just a Mac computer and webcam (a standalone iMac with built-in webcam is perfect) and software made for the purpose; in this case, Thrilled for You Video Guestbook available online for $99. The software allows an unlimited number of high-quality video messages to be recorded by your guests.

Guests enter their name and click "Record" to start the recording.

Guests approach the kiosk, enter their names, and click "Record" to start. Their video appears in the box as it is recording, and they are provided options to preview, re-record, and save afterwards.

The setup lets your guests enter their names and record their video message to you with point-and-click ease. They can preview and re-record if they prefer, until they’re happy with the message they’re sending. With a booth like this available all reception long, you’ll be sure to gather some very entertaining material from your guests! Use along with, or in the place of, a traditional signed guestbook to capture your loved ones’ best wishes like never before!

Check out the Thrilled For You website for more information and to download a free demo.

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  1. avatar Jenny Lam says:

    Thanks for the nice write up Jason! I was the very first customer for We’re actually planning on viewing all the video messages on our upcoming 1st anniversary :-)

  2. avatar Neil Parkinson says:

    Unfortunately I have a Windows PC, not a MAC. So I’ve been checking out this software which is similar. It allows me to set up a video and photo booth using my PC and webcam:


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