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Well, I caught some (good-natured) flak for blasphemy against The Shoe in my last post, so I’ll keep today’s topic in more neutral territory: flowers, specifically. From the mood-setting beauties that are your ceremony arrangements to the bouquet you’ll carry down the aisle, flowers will be an integral part of your wedding. They can also take a big chunk of your budget.

If you’re looking to cut costs, you may want to consider ordering and managing the flowers yourself…preferably with the help of one or more trusted, creative assistants. We put together some great do-it-yourself floral tips in e-Plan Your Wedding, as well as some recommended online floral discounters for finding bulk blooms at big discounts. Today I found another online resource that I highly recommend checking out if you’re interested in doing your own flowers:

They’re a leading provider of farm-direct flowers, and are totally devoted to weddings and events. For the biggest bang for your bridal buck, order in bulk. They also have pre-arranged centerpieces as well; you provide the vases. Check it out and compare with the rates of local florists to get the best deal.

Order your own DIY wedding flowers in bulk from online discounters like FiftyFlowers.comand save

Order your own DIY wedding flowers in bulk from online discounters like

Another cost-saving tip: choose flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. Not only will they be cheaper, they’ll be fresher, too…and therefore more beautiful.

Happy online hunting!

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