Offbeat DIY: Create Your Own Wedding Rings

I happened to catch a story today on the exceptionally inspirational Offbeat Bride blog and thought it was such a cool project that I just had to share. Imagine firing up a blowtorch and working metal to create your very own wedding rings! In an article titled Fire! Hot Metal! We made our own wedding rings!, Merry describes how she and her fiance actually rolled up their sleeves and created–not just designed, mind you, but actually worked the hot metal itself to create–their very own wedding rings. You can’t get more personal than that.

Along a similar line, I have a friend who purchased raw gold, from a local prospector here in California who uses eco-friendly methods, and provided the gold to a jeweler for the creation of their wedding rings. Unique, to be certain. But Merry and her fiance take it a step further in fashioning and finishing the metal itself! Under the direction of goldsmith Sam from ring-making studio New York Wedding Rings, they worked two strips of palladium into polished, beautiful rings in 8 hours. What a great idea!

Melting palladium strip edges together

Melting palladium strip edges together

Merry pounding her ring into a circle

Merry pounding her ring into a circle

Finished, polished rings. His has a slight hammered finish, hers is a traditional plain band

Finished, polished rings

Photo Credits: All photos from merryf at Offbeat Bride

This makes me want to get a blowtorch and an anvil. What a blast this must have been, and how cool to craft these timeless pieces together by hand! To read more about Merry’s and her fiance’s adventure creating their rings, and to see more photos, check out the original blog post at Offbeat Bride.

Have a great week, everyone!

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