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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in working with brides (including my own!) over the years, it’s that the subject of shoes can be one of near religious zeal and passion. As a pretty average guy, I arrived in my early twenties quite happy to have just two sets of shoes at any given time: a pair of casual shoes (basically every day use, to be honest)…and a pair of dress shoes (special occasions, my friends. Special occasions). Maybe some flip-flops for the beach and for barbecues in the backyard.

Yes, I know…who let the heathen into the circle of polite company.

I have diversified since. But my own primarily utilitarian view of what I put on my feet will never hold a candle to the sheer power of expression that I’ve come to understand shoes represent for the opposite sex. So, while I do not completely “get” the frenetic footwear frenzy I often witness–nor do I ever expect to–I can certainly recognize and appreciate the importance of The Shoe as a key component of a bride’s image, as well as that of her bridesmaids.

Today I bring you a virtual altar to The Shoe: Atelier Shoes’ Online Design Studio, just announced today, which lets you put together the style, material, and colors of your own custom fab footwear with a few clicks of the mouse. I think the result is best described by Atelier Shoes in its own press release:

“The days of settling for someone else’s fashion choices are over! Atelier Shoes’ recently launched Online Design Studio allows the ultimate shoe lover to completely customize one of its classic shoe styles to create her perfect shoe. A boring brown pump can be transformed into a pink crocodile peeptoe with a black patent leather heel and plain mary janes can revamped with a zebra print upper and a lime green sole. Atelier Shoes allows women to make a statement with their shoes–be it bold, classy, sophisticated, fun or flirty.”

Some of the base designs with which you can tinker and customize

Some of the base designs with which you can tinker and customize

Design your own shoe!

Design your own shoe!

Looks like an interesting tool to mix-and-match, idea-browse, and get some creative juices flowing when putting together those all-important finishing touches on your bridal–and bridal attendants’–look. And if you decide to purchase,¬†Atelier’s custom-designed shoes are made to each client’s specifications for less than most designer brands (with prices ranging from $135-$265 a pair), yet boast the same handmade quality.

Check them out online and see how the tool might be able to help you in your planning efforts.

Photo Credits: Screenshots from Atelier Shoes

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