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One of the first things to consider when embarking on the wedding planning adventure is your guest count. How many guests will you be accommodating? Some couples opt for an intimate affair for privacy reasons. Some for practical simplicity. But for many, trimming the guest list and deciding who’s in and who’s out comes down to the budget. One of the largest factors of your overall wedding cost is your guest count, and as the guest count grows, the cost can get away from you pretty fast.

Extended family, coworkers, or significant others of friends might all be necessarily trimmed from your list because of budget reasons…or practical reasons as well–like great-Aunt Edna whose health won’t allow her to make the trip, or your cousin studying abroad with a budget crunch of his own. While these folks previously might have had to settle for second-hand stories and photos after the fact, today’s wedding tech solution comes to the rescue by allowing as many people as you like from anywhere in the world share the moments of your special day…live, as it happens, right online!

MarryMeLive is a new and growing wedding webcasting company that helps couples share their wedding globally, by providing an end-to-end service to broadcast your big day live over the Internet. Depending on your wedding location, the company can come to your wedding site and handle everything for you–from the camera setup to the network connection to the end viewers’ private viewing pages. Or, if you’re outside their service area, they can rent you the whole setup–camera, tripod, computer, software, etc.–and ship it to your site, all ready to be interfaced with their online service. For the DIY couple, MarryMeLive can guide you through the steps of using your own laptop and webcam or digital camcorder with their service. In all cases, you get full technical support and a great way to share the day with any number of viewers.

MarryMeLive Webcasting Service

Friends and family unable to attend your wedding can now watch your ceremony and even reception live at home on their computer, by accessing a private login page. Your virtual guests can even chat online with each other while viewing and sign an online guestbook.

This is a really practical, affordable, and fun way to share your big day with as many people as you like…right as it happens. I urge everyone to check it out. Visit for more information, and for the latest scoop follow them on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Have a great weekend!

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