Zombie Halloween Wedding Cake!


A friend sent this over to us today on Twitter and I just couldn’t help myself. Maybe it’s just the dark side of me coming out as we get closer to ye olde All Hallow’s Eve, but I think it’s great. Whether you love it or hate it, this couple is definitely creative and throwing [...]

Avi & Shira’s Stop Motion Save-The-Date Video


It’s often incredible to see the creative and inventive ways that couples come up with to infuse their personalities into the elements of their wedding. I came across this stop motion save-the-date recently on the Brooklyn Bride blog and thought it was a great one to share. Avi and Shira had a friend shoot pictures [...]

Including Your Loyal Best Furry Friend In Your Wedding


Do you have a beloved family dog that you’d like to have present on your wedding day? Is he well-behaved in public? Why not include your special family member as a ring-bearer or as part of your bridal party? Spiff up your pooch in a special outfit or wreath and have him walk down the [...]

An Engagement Party Invitation Years In The Making


I came across this very unique engagement party invitation highlighted on the Wedding Paper Divas blog, and thought it would be a fun idea to share. Get this: Andrew, the soon-to-be groom, had written a book titled “The Boy and the Girl Together” back when he was just six. Luckily, his mom saved it over [...]

Stop Motion Wedding Save-the-Dates and Invitations


In an effort to stand out and do something different for their wedding, couples are getting very creative, and it’s really fun to see what they’re coming up with these days. I’ve seen nearlyweds take the time to make some of the cutest save-the-dates and wedding invitations ever, and one growing trend in this area is [...]

{DIY} Photo Booth Style Save-the-Dates & Invites


It’s very easy to create your very own photo booth styled save-the-date cards or wedding invitations.  You don’t necessarily need to be in an actual photo booth to get the same results; all you need is a little creativity!  Set up a backdrop with either sheets or curtains and have a tripod or some other support for your camera. [...]

Tools To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing From Brides.com


Need to get those creative juices flowing while brainstorming some of your big day day details? Hairstyle options, color combinations, and fashion details are a few areas where your wedding planning decision-making would surely benefit from some visual stimulation. Or maybe you’ve just always wondered how you’d look in a fire-engine-red upsweep hairdo? Brides.com has [...]

Personalize Your Wedding With a Unique Groom’s Cake


The bride may be the undisputed star of the wedding, but we grooms get tossed a bone now and then. Here’s one we do get that I particularly like, especially considering the unlimited possibilities it provides, and because it’s a great way to weave your personality and interests into the affair. Always a good thing. [...]

Ice Cream for Your Wedding


How much fun would it be to have your very own ice cream cart for your wedding day! Treat your guests to something really special by renting these fun ice cream carts or trucks just for your wedding. Have at least three different flavors to be sure you’ll please the diversity of your guests’ palates. And [...]

Fun Wedding Idea: Make an Unexpected Ceremony Entrance


You may have seen this one already on Facebook, as it’s certainly making its rounds. It’s also being picked up by various wedding blogs and even highlighted in the news. What is it? It’s a couple thinking completely outside the box and personalizing their wedding in a fun and totally unexpected way. How will you [...]