{Trend Alert} Miniature Wedding Cake Trios


I’ve been noticing more and more of these cute trio wedding cakes being opted for by couples, and I really love this trend! Wedding cake trios are three miniature tiered cakes with coordinating design elements that reflect the wedding theme in each cake. Instead of a single large wedding cake, each mini cake can showcase a different [...]

Wedding Cakes Featuring Studio Cake


Another one of my favorite bakeries has to be Studio Cake, located in Menlo Park here in California. BethAnn Goldberg is the fabulous designer and baker over at Studio Cake. Their design shop may be small, but they can custom make anything you want for your special event. They specialize in tiered cakes, sculpted cakes, [...]

Wedding Cakes Featuring Lovin Sullivan


I’ve been wanting to feature some of my favorite wedding cake designers in the industry. I’d love to start with the talented designers at LovinSullivanCakes. Their creations are stunning and really make a big statement. They are located in New York City and you can view many of their published cake designs on their CakePower.com website. [...]

Personalize Your Wedding With a Unique Groom’s Cake


The bride may be the undisputed star of the wedding, but we grooms get tossed a bone now and then. Here’s one we do get that I particularly like, especially considering the unlimited possibilities it provides, and because it’s a great way to weave your personality and interests into the affair. Always a good thing. [...]