Zombie Halloween Wedding Cake!

A friend sent this over to us today on Twitter and I just couldn’t help myself. Maybe it’s just the dark side of me coming out as we get closer to ye olde All Hallow’s Eve, but I think it’s great. Whether you love it or hate it, this couple is definitely creative and throwing all that hoity-toity wedding formality stuff to the October winds. And that’s what Halloween should be all about, right? Buck the norm and make your wedding your own, especially if it falls on or around this deliciously creepy time of year. And even if you’d like to keep more of a semblance of sanity for your own wedding cake but still remain Halloween-playful, something like this could be an awesome gory groom’s cake.

Grab a machete and chainsaw with your sweetheart and battle of those wedding zombies

Wedding cake featuring him and her and....zombies??

The cake was ordered by the undead-loving couple from¬†Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Seattle, and it was red velvet; so you can just imagine how that added another wonderfully gory dimension!

Photo Credits: Posted on Flickr by noblerobinette

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