Wedding Bells Ring Tonight on “The Office”

Lotsa Marketing for the Fictional Big Day. Entertainment Weekly cover

Lotsa Marketing for the Fictional Big Day. Entertainment Weekly cover

If you’re a fan of “The Office”, you’re already set to check out tonight’s episode in which Jim and Pam will be tying the knot. Whether you’re an engaged couple or a wedding professional, tonight’s show probably has your anticipation especially whetted. It’s always interesting to see how fictional weddings are portrayed in popular TV shows and the kind of trends they make or break.

For me, what’s more interesting is the idea I’ve seen getting tossed back and forth that once characters who have been dating for the better part of two seasons are married, the tension is lost and that it’s all downhill for the series from here.

Really? The mindset of today’s Hollywood society might roll with that, but I say–and I’m fairly certain anyone else in a marriage would agree with me–that the adventure begins with the wedding and has more than its share of drama, excitement, high times and down times from that point on. Yes, news flash for the young singles: we married peeps have a life, too.

Writers that develop rich, lifelike characters that we can relate to don’t need to rely on cheap tricks and perpetual sexual tension to keep us interested. So here’s a fictional wedding toast to our fictional friends Jim and Pam, and their (very entertaining) futures. May the writers continue to be true to their characters!

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