Design Your Own Custom Wedding Postage Stamps

King & queen of hearts, my favorite from the USPS

The king & queen of hearts, my favorite from the USPS

When it comes to postage for your wedding, there can be a lot of stamps to buy. You’ll need ‘em for save-the-dates, invitations, thank-you cards, return RSVP cards, and…well, everything else related to your big day that goes out to friends and family via snail-mail. You could take a trip to the post office–and every so often, they even have a cool-looking love stamp or two–or, you can hop online and find a stamp design that’s tailored to your wedding season, theme, or flowers. It could even be something that you create yourself! Your own custom stamps can add that extra bit of personalization to all your mailed wedding correspondence.

Three online companies that specialize in custom/photo stamps are Zazzle (,, and PictureItPostage ( Associated with Zazzle is, which is tailored specifically for weddings. They provide a menu that allows you to enter in your weddings season, main flower type, theme, and so forth to receive a selection from Zazzle’s library of 75,000+ custom wedding stamps that fit your specifications best. Zazzle also has the most size options: 6 different stamp sizes, while the other services have just 1 or 2.

Customization menu from, and a Zazzle save-the-date stamp

Customization menu from, and a Zazzle save-the-date stamp

PictureItPostage and are both geared more towards you creating your own stamp(s) from your favorite photos (you can also design your own stamps with Zazzle). Just upload your photo with their online interface and you’re good to go! PictureItPostage also has free downloadable stamp design software for Mac and Windows if you’d prefer to do some photo tweaking. has an iPhoto utility for the Mac. Check them all out and see which one meets your needs best.

PictureItPostage lets you upload photos to stamps right online, or you can download their stamp designer, for Windows or Mac

PictureItPostage lets you upload photos to stamps right online, or you can download their stamp designer tool, which lets you customize your photos even more. Available for Windows and Mac. also lets you upload photos for your stamps online, as well as a Mac iPhoto tool also lets you upload photos for your stamps online. They also provide a Mac iPhoto tool

Photo Credits: King and queen of hearts stamp from the USPS. Screenshots from,Zazzle, PictureItPostage, and

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  1. avatar annie says:

    Great article – personalized wedding stamps are great avenues for brides to express their individuality and creativity. Their envelopes not only get delivered – they get noticed!

  2. avatar Mark Delman says:

    Hi Jason:

    I manage the PictureItPostage business and saw this posting. Thank you very much for covering us in your blog. I created a coupon code for your readers if you would like to post it. Use the below coupon code during checkout and your readers will get a total discount of $3 off 1 pack of 20 stamps, $5 off 2 packs of 40 stamps, and $7 off 3 packs of 60 stamps. The code is good till January 30, 2010.

    One nice thing that is unique to PictureItPostgage is that customers can pick up a color from their photos and make the background area of the stamp design (area around the postal bar code) match that color. In the picture of our website in your original posting, you’ll notice that the pink background color in the stamp matches the flower held by the bride.

    Many thanks again and best wishes to all who are engaged.

    Mark Delman

    Coupon Code: Hitched

  3. avatar Erica says:

    The whole custom stamp idea is genius in my opinion. The world was full of boring stamps before its invention and I personally hate going to the post office! Zazzle has tons as you mentioned although sometimes it is a bit of a beating to wade through so many to find the good ones. My current favorite stamp is the Calla wedding stamp at the top of the page below. It could be used for anything though since it is not really wedding specific.

  4. This is a wonderful article on custom wedding postage stamps. I’ve been designing wedding postage stamps for 6 years at I enjoy helping so many brides with their custom requests.

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