Vintage Gowns Featured In Vegas Bridal Show This Month

Happy 2010 everyone! I hope you all ushered in the new year safely and memorably; I had a great time myself co-hosting a local get-together, and I’m really pleased with the way everything turned out. Lots of fun, friends, and good wishes all around.

This month always sees a sharp spike in traffic for WedShare and our online wedding planning resources in general; with such a large number of proposals taking place over the holidays, this is the first “let’s get started” month for many couples embarking on the planning journey.

One of the most common questions for new nearlyweds is: Where do we start? For all our new readers–especially those just engaged–wedding blogs like this one and other online planning resources are a great first step in gathering info and ideas. Another invaluable resource I recommend taking advantage of are local bridal shows, where you can meet several vendors and wedding professionals face-to-face, ask questions, and get inspired by all the showcased products and services.

Bridal SpectacularCheck for local shows and bridal fairs in your area and mark them on the calendar now. One such company is Bridal Spectacular in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a popular wedding destination, and I’m not talking about the stereotypical spur-of-the-moment visit to a local wed-and-run chapel. The lights, shows, food, and excitement of Vegas makes it a real treat for you and your guests, and there are a number of fabulous venues and wedding professionals to choose from.

1940's WWII-Era Satin Wedding Dress

1940's WWII-Era Satin Wedding Dress

If you’re planning or considering a Vegas wedding, definitely check out Bridal Spectacular’s shows. Their first show of the year will be held Jan 29 and 30 at Cashman Convention Center and will not only feature the latest trends but also vintage wedding gowns, including hot items from the 40′s through 80′s. The idea came about during a trip to various antique shops by the show’s producer and her daughter, who fell in love with the aging vintage lace and satin gowns and had such a great time looking through them that they knew other brides would, too.

If you have a general idea as to the location of your wedding venue, start browsing online for local bridal shows like this one, and take an initial look over their 2010 schedule.

Visit our blog frequently over the year for great tips, resources, and inspiration posted every day. Happy planning!

Photo Credits: Logo and vintage dress image from Bridal Spectacular

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