Great Time At Wish Upon A Wedding Launch Party

Last week I introduced the launch of one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization Wish Upon a Wedding, and Crystal and I were lucky enough to attend the launch party Thursday evening. The setting was the beautiful Montalvo Arts Center, nestled in the Saratoga CA hills. It looked absolutely spectacular at night, with its Mediterranean-style architecture bathed in soft pastel lights.

Montalvo Arts Center at night for the Wish Upon a Wedding's launch party

Montalvo Arts Center at night for the Wish Upon a Wedding launch party

Montalvo Arts Center photos from Wish Upon a Wedding’s Facebook page via Danielle

It was also a heartwarming get-together, reminding me about how extraordinarily caring, thoughtful, and generous the good folks of the local wedding industry are. These entrepreneurs and business owners put their hearts and souls into their hard work year after year, creating wedding memories that will last a lifetime for each one of their clients.

Wish Upon a WeddingWish Upon a Wedding depends on these independent wedding professionals to donate their time and money to create a wedding for engaged couples facing life-threatening illnesses. Recipients may have been given literally months to live by their doctors, and so you can imagine the work involved in putting together a wedding that will need to take place mere weeks or even days from the recipient’s acceptance. All the details of a recipient’s wedding will come from these generous “wish granters” donating their resources.

It was nice to meet and congratulate the generous and thoughtful folks organizing this great cause, including Liz Guthrie of San Jose Wedding Consultants, and Sasha Souza of Sasha Souza Events. Sasha’s blog, if you don’t already follow it, is a must read at

While attending the launch party, we learned that Florence and Michael, the very first wish recipients, have just been selected! Florence was diagnosed with breast cancer, recently underwent surgery for a double mastectomy, and has been given one year to live by her doctors. But–dark prognosis notwithstanding–there is also a love story, and thanks to Wish Upon a Wedding, Florence will be able to enjoy a beautiful wedding on March 13, something she hadn’t dreamed possible financially or practically. Read more about Florence and Michael at the Wish Upon a Wedding blog.

Florence and Michael, Wish Upon a Wedding's very first recipients!

Florence and Michael, Wish Upon a Wedding's very first recipients!

Truly inspiring! Have a fantastic week, everyone.

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