Diamond Try-Ons? There’s An App For That

It’s a little known fact that over 70% of all engagements take place over the holidays. Since ’tis the season, I thought I’d introduce some engagement-appropriate tech that you might find helpful or at least interesting to play with.

Anyone who’s followed my posts knows that I’m a big iPhone fan, and here’s another wedding app I came across that I think is worth sharing. It’s called “Live Diamond Try-On”, by diamond distributor Red Box Diamonds. The idea is to let you browse various diamond types, sizes, setting styles, and bands…then (here’s the kicker) “try it on” your own hand virtually.

After you use your phone to take a snapshot of your hand, the app lets you align an image of each ring and setting to your finger to see how it looks “on” you. A little gimicky, maybe…you make the call. Once you’ve found your match, you can search for local jewelry retailers who carry your selected combination(s). All this from the convenience of your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Selecting a diamond and setting, then "trying it on" with Red Box Diamonds' iPhone App

Selecting a diamond and setting, then "trying it on", with Red Box Diamonds' "Live Diamond Try-On" iPhone App

For a demo video and to download the app for free, check out the app’s website at app.redboxdiamonds.com. Just be warned: the narrative of the demo video is a little…let’s just say….”overly-enthusiastic.” You’ll see what I mean.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo Credits: App images from Red Box Diamonds

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