Happy Valentine’s Day! 2rd Place Contest Winners

Hope your V-day is going swimmingly, all. Is love in the air yet? Well, it is for Kyle and Tara, the third-place winners in our Creative Personal Wedding Website Contest. These two put together a website that really rocks.

And speaking of websites that rock, allow me to unveil the runners-up in the contest….

Congratulations to Adam and Thilini, our second place winners!

One thing the staff was looking for when selecting winners was code-level customization, meaning couples who changed up their website on the HTML code level. Using the HTML view of the content editor, you can actually change the backend code of your wedding website and add third-party scripts, applications, or web services. Not only did Adam and Thilini use the provided design tools to customize colors and their own background header imagery, but they added some of their own code tweaks, too…like an interactive quiz and a third-party photo browser/slideshow. Nice!

Adam and Thilini

Putting together a wedding website that rocks isn’t rocket science, but even if it was, these two lovebirds shouldn’t have a problem handling it. Adam and Thilini work together at NASA (Thilini’s group is responsible for the space shuttle’s main engines and rocket boosters!) They’re getting married next month on March 20! Right around the corner. Nice job guys, you’ve put together a beautiful site!

Okay, we’ve got one more winner to announce! We’ll be rolling out the staff’s pick for First Place a bit later today. When you’re ready to take a break from the evening’s wine and chocolates, stop on by…

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