Priscilla of Boston Partners With HP For New App

The marriage of style and technology so often bears wonderful progeny, and the case of Priscilla of Boston Bridal Salon’s partnership with Hewlett-Packard is no exception. A chic lineup of HP TouchSmart computers sporting a custom-designed application are on hand at Priscilla of Boston’s newest salon here in San Jose, California, to help you find the wedding gown of your dreams.

Priscilla of Boston and HP's Gown App On a TouchSmart Computer

The new gown app on an HP TouchSmart computer in Priscilla of Boston's San Jose, CA bridal salon

The journey to discover your perfect wedding gown can be a bumpy and emotional ride, and this new hi-tech solution is designed to make finding “The One” easier, faster, and more enjoyable. With a tap of your finger here and a swipe there, you can easily narrow down your size, style, and fabric…even see video of each gown showcased in action on a runway model. Skeptical that a computer–even as slick a model as the HP TouchSmart–really has any place in a bridal salon where person-to-person hands-on attention reigns supreme? Well, it made a believer out of the GeekSugar blog tech reviewer. According to her own hands-on account, it was not only easy and conveniently timesaving, but fun, too.

Of course, she is a geek. But then, aren’t we all a little these days? I’d expect this to be a hit, and to spread to more shops, as it only makes sense. GeekSugar makes a great point of how helpful something like this could be among a group of bridesmaids working out the details of their attire. Quite possibly a trend coming soon to a bridal salon near you.

For the full review and to see a video demonstrating the new application in action, check out the GeekSugar blog post.

Priscilla of Boston and HP's gown app in action

Priscilla of Boston and HP's gown app in action

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