Dessert Treats For Geeks: Star Wars Cookies

I recently attended a friend’s wedding where dessert wasn’t just an afterthought or an obligatory homage paid to the traditional wedding cake…it was a course in itself! The cake was delicious, but it had an entourage: a full dessert bar, a donut station with mini-donuts fried on the spot, and…yes…Star Wars cookies. The cookies, created by Diana Chou Designs, were a surprise arranged by the bride for the groom (a big Star Wars fan, as you may have guessed), who had no idea that they would be included.

The Force was strong with this full dessert bar and Star Wars cookies.

The Force was strong with this full dessert bar and Star Wars cookies, a surprise for the groom.

A groom’s cake is often a creative accompaniment to the wedding cake, but why stop there? This was a great example of thinking beyond the traditional and really going the extra mile to put together a treat for yourselves and your guests. These unique details will be what makes your wedding stand out from others, and will be the most memorable!

For more on my friend’s love of sweets, check out her new blog, Snackaholics.

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