Your Eco- and Budget-Friendly Wedding

Here’s a tip on saving cash and helping the environment when it comes to stocking up on your wedding supplies. is an online marketplace for all things wedding, where engaged couples and their friends can buy and sell “new or gently used wedding items.” You can find and sell everything from accessories, bridesmaid dresses, to decorations…you name it. And it’s totally free.

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Be green while getting the most from your budget with

Before plunking down your hard-earned dough on an expensive new item for your wedding, do a search and see if you can get the same thing for a bargain here. You’ll squeeze the most out of your budget, not to mention minimizing your carbon footprint, by purchasing pre-owned. has an intuitive¬†search engine and e-mail alerts system help you find what you’re looking for.

And if you have items that you’re considering tossing out after your big day, don’t! Give them a new life in another couple’s wedding. What to do with those twenty or so floating candle containers? The shoes you’ll never wear again, or the dozen boxes of decorative lights taking space in your attic? Turn those into cash for you, let them brighten another couple’s wedding, and keep them out of a landfill. And that goes for bridal party attire, too: with about two and a half million weddings annually in the US alone and an average of four bridesmaids per wedding, that’s almost nine million bridesmaid dresses a year!

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