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Inspirations, ideas, and ways to organize it all are central to wedding planning. Sharing those details is, too. It’s why having your own personal wedding website is such a great asset, and why online interest sharing services like Pinterest are becoming so popular among brides-to-be.

If you like Pinterest and note-gathering services like Evernote, then my bet is you’ll love NotesCloud. This brand-new, hot-off-the-press tech startup is already making waves here in Silicon Valley, and I think has the potential to catch fire and become a ubiquitous part of our online experience. Plus, it makes a great wedding planning tool.

A NotesCloud Notebook

NotesCloud lets you gather anything–and I do mean anything–that you happen to stumble across online, and organize it all into interest-based notebooks. The notebooks can be structured and organized hierarchically, unlike Pinterest, and can include imagery, videos, tweets, Facebook posts…pretty much anything. It’s also easy to use, letting you add items to your notebooks on the fly as you browse. I particularly like the integrated screen-capture tool that you can use to crop important sections of pages to create new entries.

The NotesCloud screen capture tool

But the real gem of NotesCloud is how it turns all your notes and clippings into an online digital magazine with a variety of instantly available layouts. Just prioritize which items are central to your topic with a quick drag-and-drop organization, and you’re off an running. Friends and collaborators can follow your notebooks with the same interest graph approach that Pinterest uses. Add videos, content, notes…anything you need to organize, tell your story, and share the details.

Quickly prioritize items within a notebook using the grid view

NotesCloud organizes your interests into digital magazines

I’d highly recommend checking this service out. Watch the launch video and imagine the ways that this can help you organize and share your wedding planning inspirations. Link to it off of your wedding website, or embed your notebooks into your pages. It will be interesting to see how the service grows and develops from its launch.

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