Your Wedding Planning Notes Are On The Go With Evernote

I’ve probably mentioned before how much I love the iPhone; it’s a great mobile platform and is especially handy where wedding planning tools are concerned. iPhone apps make managing and organizing your information as easy as a few taps of the fingertip, and–here’s the key–it’s with you wherever you go, right on your phone! How many times have you been out browsing bridal mags and see a great tip that you’d like to jot down? Or have an epiphany while standing in line at Starbucks? Or see something amazing at a show or while shopping and would love to take a photo to file away with the rest of your planning notes?

Collect and manage all your planning notes right on your iPhone with Evernote

Collect and manage all your planning notes right on your iPhone with Evernote

Ideas, reminders, and notes-to-self that get jotted down on the back of receipts or on random envelopes tend to get lost to the black hole of “where the heck did I put that,” at least for me, and trying to consolidate and organize everything later takes more time that could be better spent on another aspect of your planning. Lugging around a planning binder or even a simple notebook can be a drag, and more often than not you’ll have forgotten it when you need it most.

A better on-demand, on-the-go note taking and organization system is needed, and you need look no further than Evernote for your iPhone or iPod touch. Jot down notes, take photos, and record voice memos anytime…then access everything later all in one place! You can even tweet notes to your Evernote notebook from Twitter.

Take photos of information like whiteboards, business cards, or product labels and Evernote will recognize the text in the images for you. Got an email or online quote from a vendor? File it! Find an awesome website for discount wedding favors? File it! File everything together in your digital notebook so you’ll never lose another shred of precious spur-of-the-moment information again!

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