DIY PayPal Buttons For Your Website Pages

The WedShare Cash Registry¬†manager allows you to easily create honeymoon, tuition, and other cash registries automatically integrated with PayPal for convenient credit card processing right on your Gift Registries page. But what about adding funds collection features to other pages? Because WedShare pages are editable on the HTML level, you can actually embed PayPal payment features and other third-party functionality to any page of your wedding website. Here’s a step-by-step run-through on how to do it; keep in mind that PayPal tools change on a regular basis, so some of the screens may have been modified since the time of this posting.

First, if you don’t already have one, go to and create a free PayPal account. I’d recommend setting up a Business or Premier account to make sure you have access to the merchant tools.

Next, log into your account at PayPal and select the “Merchant Services” menu tab.

Click on the option to “Create payment buttons for your website”.

Enter in details to customize your button, like the item name, price, and any other preferred options. You can choose a “Buy Now” button, a donation, or other payment type.

Click the “Save Changes” button on the bottom of the page to generate the button HTML.

Click “Select Code” at the bottom of the HTML to highlight it all, then copy it to your computer’s clipboard. You’ll add this HTML code to your website page to embed the button where you want it to go.

Now log into your WedShare Dashboard and edit the page on which you’d like the button to appear. Click the “HTML View” button, the last button on the WedShare editor’s second toolbar, to edit your page HTML. Paste in the PayPal code that you copied earlier, than save your changes.

Edit your wedding website and paste the HTML code into your page. WedShare allows you to toggle to HTML view so that you can insert any third-party item or widget.

Refresh your website to see the button on your page. Now visitors can click on the button to send funds right from your website!

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