Ban.Do Black Label ~ The Couture Collection


The new black label couture collection is now available! Each one of these hair pieces is one of a kind or limited edition; they are super chic and beautifully handmade using vintage materials and embellishments. The inspiration behind this exclusive collection is a combination of old Hollywood glamour and current trends. The girls over at even include a handwritten [...]

Personalized Handmade Wire Hangers


I saw these adorable personalized wire hangers a while back used by brides to hang their wedding gown and thought they were such a unique touch. They truly add a romantic vibe for that must-have photo shot of the wedding dress. These crafty hangers can be personalized with your name(s), new last name, a meaningful word or phrase such as “love”, “happiness” or [...]

Handmade Wedding Gowns from Etsy


One of my favorite websites out there is, showcasing and marketing all things handmade by some very talented people. You can find just about anything! The care and attention that goes into handcrafted pieces give them such originality and personalization; I’ve always loved handmade goods. Here’s a thought you might not have considered: why not get your [...]

Handmade Wedding Favors and Accessories at


In case you haven’t already heard about, you definitely want to check it out if you’re in the market for wedding accessories or favors. Etsy’s mission is “to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.” It’s is a marketplace for handmade crafts of all sorts, and includes an [...]