May Leigh: New Website and 20% Online Jewelry Discount


Hope everyone’s having a great week! Here in northern California we’re soaking up storm after storm as they blow in from the Pacific; we had some great lightning and thunder shows this evening to boot. I hope you’re all staying warm, dry, and safe. Couple things I wanted to touch on today: the first is [...]

Verragio Debuts New Wedding Jewelry iPhone App


Jewelry designer Verragio has just announced the debut of their new engagement and wedding ring application for the iPhone, billed as a mobile extension to their existing website. The app allows you to browse their engagement and wedding band collections while you’re on the go, as well as see instant product and pricing information. There [...]

Online Jewelry Bargains and Diamond Tutorials


Let’s talk diamonds. Whether or not they’re a girl’s best friend, and whether or not they’re forever–notions that the diamond industry happily backs–they’re certainly an engagement tradition. If you have any doubts on what makes a quality stone (and who doesn’t, really) with an engagement or wedding set diamond purchase on the horizon, it’s time [...]