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Wedding Website Features

The Most Complete Premium Wedding Website Service - When you create your own personal wedding website with, you take advantage of the most comprehensive, complete wedding website and planning tools package available. Every WedShare membership comes packed with unique and fun features, including many that you won't find anywhere else. Get all of our premium features at one flat membership price--without any upgrade costs or hidden fees--plus enjoy new features that are added all the time!

Free Wedding Websites - If you're budget shopping, you can even get your website for free. That's right, a WedShare website for no cost at all! Not sure which option to choose? Simply start your no-obligation 14 day trial now, which lets you try out all the full membership features, and then decide whether you'd prefer the paid membership or a free wedding website later.

Most Popular Features

Free Custom Domain Name

Your WedShare wedding website comes with your very own dot com! i.e., selected by you and reserved by us. You don't have to worry about purchasing the domain, setting up its nameservers, pointing it to your website, or renewing it if needed. We handle all the details for you! Your only task is sharing your new website address with all your family and friends.

Don't settle for other services that stick you with a long, inconvenient add-on to their own address (like, or make you pay extra fees to reserve and renew your domain name. With WedShare, your website address is already your own, which is easy to remember and great for adding to your invitations and stationery.

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Free Custom Wedding Emails

Not only do we provide your domain name, but two personal email addresses there as well. And because your email addresses can each have an unlimited number of aliases, you can effectively have as many email addresses at your website as you like.

Imagine providing friends, family, and vendors with a personalized email address like! You even get an email account manager to add and remove email accounts for your new domain.

Your email addresses are POP and IMAP compatible, so you can use any email tool, such as Microsoft Outlook®, to access your mailboxes.

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Unlimited Website Pages

Perhaps you have your own page layouts in mind. Maybe you need a lot of them...multiple ceremonies? A page for each attendant?

No problem. With, you can design your own custom pages and add as many as you like to your website. Include any number of photos and as much content as you need on your pages, in whatever layout suits you. This is YOUR home on the web, after all. Why have limits?

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eCard Designer for Save-the-Dates, Invitations
& Thank You Notes!

Design your own eCards for your Save-the-Dates, wedding invitations, and thank-you notes...or customize any one of these to create your own occasion! Any eCard design can match the color scheme of your website, is fully customizable, and available in a variety of styles.

With WedShare's eCard Designer you have full control over your stationery's fonts, images, colors, and content.

Invitations are also integrated with your Event Manager, so online Invitation recipients can click a link on their ecard to go straight to your Online RSVP page and submit their RSVP response.

Click to learn more!


Customize Design Imagery and Embellishments

There are now unlimited possibilities for the customization of several website designs. Swap all global header or background images between our large library of beautiful photos, or upload your own selections!

This complete customization lets you make the design truly your own like never before. Click the "Change Design" button from the Dashboard, and then click "Customize this design" under the desired theme to see the extra features. We're also adding a ton of extra color schemes. This feature is currently available for the Shabby Chic, Flower, Timeless, Wine Country and Arboreal designs. Advanced customization for all other designs coming soon!

Click to learn more!

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Monetary Gift Registry

Your website's Online Gift Registry page already lists your store registries. Now, it is integrated with our convenient cash registry service.

Create your own monetary gift lists, with NO FEES. Third party services can charge up to 10% of what your guests contribute, but RegistryShare is now an included part of your WedShare wedding website. You can set up cash contribution lists for things like honeymoon, tuition, a new home downpayment, or anything else! Allow guests to contribute to your monetary gift lists via a PayPal account, or by cash/check.

Click to learn more!

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Unlimited Blogs with RSS Feed and Archiving

Chronicle any part of the planning journey with an unlimited number of full-featured blogs! All entries can include photos and the same unmatched photo styling and content editing as our other features.

With, you're not stuck with just a single "Blog Page". You can add blogs to any custom page of your website, and there's no limit to the number of blogs you create!

Each blog includes archiving to simplify content organization. Blog posts can be archived by category as well as date. Each post can be tagged with as many category keywords as you like. When visitors opt to view your posts by keyword, only those posts related to their search topic will be displayed.

Choose to allow guest comments, RSS feeds for your visitors to subscribe to, and manage it all with ease from your WedShare Dashboard. Create as many blogs as you like!

Click to learn more!

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Boolean Blog Search

Blogs can quickly load up with content and grow out of hand... but that's a good thing. All that great content, a snapshot of your thoughts and experiences, is a living, running journal and a treasure trove of details.

Your blogs include a search bar for fast, prioritized Boolean searches. It lets you and your guests find the content you're looking for, above and beyond archives and categories (described above).

That's not all: during your blogging, your website is indexing lists of all your words and phrases behind the scenes, making subsequent searches lightning fast, no matter how enormous and unwieldy you think your amount of content becomes.

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Your Own Webmail Browser

Use our feature-rich WebMail browser to view and send mail from any computer with Internet access. If you've used Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail, you know what a webmail browser is. The difference with ours is that it's totally customizable to your preferences, and contains no junk banners, advertisements, or added taglines. It's your very own personal online mail service!

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Unlimited Email Aliases & Forwarders

Your email addresses can each have an unlimited number of aliases; this effectively lets you have as many email addresses as you like. For example, if you have an email address called "", you can create aliases for this address like "", "", or even "". All aliases will forward mail to the parent email address.

You can also have an unlimited number of mail forwarders. This allows you to forward mail you receive to any external email account you may have, such as a Gmail®, Yahoo!® or Hotmail® account. Manage all the correspondence necessary for your wedding planning from your online communications hub!

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Mailing List Service

Your website contains a lot of important information for family and friends: post the latest changes in your News & Updates Page so everyone's up-to-date.

For more convenience, you can choose to automatically copy any of your entries here as a Welcome Page Alert (see below), helpful for when you want to make absolutely sure everyone is up to speed on important new information.

Want to make it even easier for your guests? Let them subscribe to a mailing list and get all the updates you post automatically by email. Guests can subscribe/unsubscribe right on the page in a non-distracting collapsible form. Keeping everyone informed has never been so easy!

Click to learn more!

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Welcome Page Alerts (Popup-Blocker Safe!)

Do you have critical updates or important info that needs to be noticed? Add a Welcome Page Alert! Your message will be shown in a matching dialogue box whenever a visitor arrives at your Welcome page. You can even set the Alert to expire within a specific number of days, so you don't have to come back and make yet another update when the Alert becomes stale. Visitors have the option to turn the Alert off after they've seen it at least once, so you can be assured that everyone's seeing your message without it being annoying.

Plus, unlike other services' alerts which depend on popups that are blocked by almost all browsers today, ours are contained within the page and are completely INVISIBLE to pop-up blockers. You can be sure that your guests will get the memo! Check the demo's Welcome page to see a working Welcome Page Alert in action.

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Discussion Forum

Post information you'd like to provide in a forum, or discussion, setting. Use this page to let website visitors post their own contributions and photos! Organize everybody's entries into categories and allow visitor contributions to be published immediately or require approval.

For further protection against spam and junk posts, you can optionally set a forum-wide password, enable CAPTCHA verification, or both.

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Post Unlimited Content

Your pages can have as many photos, text, and entries as you like.

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Interactive Photo Guestbook

Have your guests leave their mark and a special message for you upon visiting your wedding website. What makes our guestbook advanced? Like all the rest of our features, it's packed with extra functions and rich customization options.

You can allow visitors to add photos to their entries, or let them leave comments to entries by other visitors. Visitors can set up entries with their email address, home page URL, IM usernames, and lots more. You can have your own discussion board if you'd like... what better way to get everyone's input on all those tough-to-make decisions?

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Post a "Bridesmaids-Only" Page

Communicate with the bridesmaids and let everyone post shared entries. Perfect for sharing ideas, discussing options, creating a cooperative blog, and just plain having fun! No matter how geographically scattered your group is, you'll all be able to work together visually to contribute to the planning.

Password protect the page so only those you want to have access can join in, and for protection against spam and junk posts, you can enable CAPTCHA verification.


Post a "Groomsmen-Only" Page

Communicate with the groomsmen and let everyone post shared entries. Perfect for sharing ideas, discussing options, creating a cooperative blog, and just plain having fun! No matter how geographically scattered your group is, you'll all be able to work together visually to contribute to the planning.

Password protect the page so only those you want to have access can join in, and for protection against spam and junk posts, you can enable CAPTCHA verification.



Personalized Flash Intros

You can choose to present your visitors with a classy Flash introduction to your wedding website, complete with any photo of your choice, your names, your website title and your wedding date.

Adds an elegant, dramatic touch to an already beautiful presentation.


Play Music: Up to 5 Sequential Songs!

Add background music and let your visitors listen to your own selections as they browse your website. It could be your processional music, your first dance, or just something special to the two of you.

Select up to 5 songs from our music list to play on your website, or upload your own. Each song will scroll your own notes in the music player for more customization, letting you provide your guests with special thoughts on each selection!

You can also choose to have your background music controlled by a frame above OR below your webpages...OR in a separate pop-up window!

Choose to have music start on its own, or require your visitors to start it themselves. Your visitors are able to turn the music on and off, according to their preference: an important accomodation for those browsing from work, libraries, or other public spots. They can also skip forward or backward through your selections if they choose. The music is controlled from a separate frame or window, so there's no annoying halts or restarts; your music plays smoothly throughout in sequence.

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Click to Enlarge Your Website Photos

Unless you disable it, every photo on your website can be clicked on to pop up a full size version of the picture. Great for sharing all the details!

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Post Unlimited Photos

Our Photo Gallery lets you create an unlimited number of albums for photos. Additionally, you can create custom pages for your website and add as many photos and entries as you like to each.

Our text designer allows you to insert media like photos and video clips into the content of your webpages with an easy, intuitive interface. Post and format an unlimited number of photos on any of your webpages.

The best part is: with WedShare, there are no upload limits!

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Photo Slideshows

Your Photo Gallery Slideshow feature provides a smooth blending transition from one photo to another! Visitors can view slideshows for photos in any of your Photo Gallery albums.

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Advanced Photo Effects

With a single click, you can make and of your photos appear as real polaroids, tilted and curling off the screen! Even add handwritten notes to the borders. Plus, you can size, resize, and go back to the original size as often as you need without any loss of photo quality. Go from color to black-and-white to sepia tone and back.

Organize your photos into scattered, random stacks for even more novel customization. Use the photo lab page to adjust any of your website photos: crop them, rotate them, cut them to a square, and more. It's easy to experiment and get just the right look for your pages.

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Online Photo Editor

With you can build your own online library of photos and images that you can insert into your wedding website pages. Your library list will also include any other photos or images you upload throughout your other website pages. Photos and images can always be swapped, rotated, removed, and modified.

Create polaroid snapshots of your photos and arrange them in fun and unique ways on your pages. Visitors can click on your webpage photos to view a larger version of each one; great for sharing every detail!

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Add Website Apps

Post self-contained mini-applications to your webpages, including polls, quizzes, weather reports, twitter feeds, facebook like and send buttons and other popular features. You can add apps wherever you like, and on as many pages as you need. New apps are being added to our library all the time!

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Advanced Text Designer

You'll be presented with our advanced Text Designer interface any time you are asked to input content for your wedding website pages. The Text Designer looks just like a commercial word processor, complete with tool bars to change fonts and colors and even add HTML tables or designs! Switch back and forth between code and design views with the click of a mouse. And when you're done creating an entry, the interactive spell-checker makes it easy to proof your content. Our popular web fonts available in both PC and Mac, include:

ArialArial BlackComic Sans MSCourier,
Courier NewImpactMonotype Corsiva,
Trebuchet MS,  and Times New Roman

Our Text Designer is compatible with most of today's popular browsers including current versions of IE (Windows), Firefox (Windows, Mac, and Unix), Mozilla (Windows, Mac, and Unix), Netscape (Windows, Mac, and Unix), and Safari (Mac).

Only WedShare provides advanced editor support for such a wide variety of browsers and platforms.

View Demo


Customize Your Website Title & Menu

Why spend more to hire a web designer and have the look, content, and design locked in place? Design and build your website with WedShare, and retain control of everything!

Your names, website title, and wedding date are all styled according to your chosen theme, elegantly integrated into your website's graphical design. Yet you can change this information at any time and as often as you like; no need to contact your web designer or recreate any images. Your menu is equally as flexible, and the menu items can be modified to your taste. Want to rename "Guestbook" to "Sign In Here"? It's your website, and you have the control.


Post Unlimited Files & Docs

Use our File Download App to post documents such as .zip archives, .gz, .xls, .doc, .txt, and more. All file types are supported, and your guests can download everything you post with a single click!



Integrated Planning Tools

Planning a wedding takes a great deal of organization and information management, tasks that a computer is especially good at. Let WedShare assist you with potentially time-consuming processes like organizing guests, managing headcounts, and tracking RSVP information, gifts, and thank-you cards.

With our easy to use, intuitive planning tools you can manage your wedding details from the convenience of your WedShare Dashboard... at any time and from any computer on the Net.

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Guest-Managed Profiles

Let your guests gather all their necessary contact information for you!

With Guest-Managed profiles, your guests can create their own contact profiles that seamlessly tie into your RSVP page and Guest Manager database. They can even upload their own photos if you want to allow it. Important dates like birthdays and anniversaries can be captured as well, so you'll get reminders when you need them.

If you publish your guestlists, everyone can click on each others' profiles for even more interactivity. Set up as many custom profile fields as you like so everyone can get to know one another right on your website. You control what information should be captured and which (if any) can be public.

For more guest management resources, see our Planning Tools

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Setup Unlimited Events with Online RSVPs

With our full-featured Event Manager, you can create as many events as you like (i.e. Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Luncheon, and so forth). Each event can have a separate guest list and seating assignments, so only those guests who are invited can view and respond to the event details.

Collect RSVP responses online and manage them with our intuitive response browser, so you can add in responses you receive in the mail manually. Need reports? No problem: quickly and easily export or import responses for any of your events to and from Excel.

Online RSVP → Online RSVP responses are added automatically to each event accordingly, but you can also collect RSVP responses received by mail and add them manually to our intuitive response browser. Manage all your RSVP responses for each event in one spot!

Sending an RSVP to a wedding will undoubtedly long adhere to the traditional mailed RSVP card, but that doesn't mean you can't have your guests also submit their response online while they're enjoying your wedding website. Guests are usually happy to interact with your website in this way, whether or not they send in the traditional paper response as well. If you prefer online only, state it in your wedding invitation and include the URL to your RSVP page.

A great advantage with the online RSVP is that it automatically updates your Guest Manager with the response and confirmed headcount additions - including the number of adults and children attending - so you don't have to do it manually. If you've reserved an accompanying spot for the guest, the name of the person accompanying them is recorded for you as well. You can always check your RSVP results at any time, by viewing the RSVP report or just browsing your Guest Manager.

Your online RSVP will allow a guest to register a number attending only up to the amount of seats you have reserved for the guest in your Guest Manager. If you prefer no children at your reception, the online RSVP is an easy, etiquette-safe way of informing guests of that, too.

Meal selections can be created and added to your online RSVP so that guests can select a dinner online, furthering the amount of data that your website is collecting - and organizing - for you.

Lastly, create as many events as you like and view or export the online response results for all of them. Not since the phrase "Répondez s'il vous plaît" have RSVPs been this cool.

(RSVP information is automatically updated if guests RSVP online, so you can always see who has responded and who hasn't.)

For more event management resources, see our Planning Tools

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Create Map Links & Driving Directions

With a single click, add Yahoo! or MapQuest maps to your event pages, as well as a link to produce driving directions from your visitors' locations.

Another option is to imbed Google Map applications or other scripts directly into the HTML of your page content by toggling the text designer's HTML mode.

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Connect All Your Gift Registries

Placing gift registry information in your wedding invitation is generally considered a bad practice, but including your wedding website's address is always acceptable. And, you can set up your online gift registry so that all your visitors can easily find it and conveniently use it right from your website! No more worrying about how you're going to get the info to your guests. You can add logos of the stores you're registered with and links to your registry with those stores; we have the most common stores preloaded for you to select from.


Import/Export RSVP Info & Results, Guest List, etc.

Import your guest information: name, address, accompanying guests, phone and emails, important dates, and so much more...right from your computer to your online Guest Manager database. You can even create an unlimited number of custom fields for each guest and import those too. As guests RSVP to your event(s), you can collect the response information online via Online RSVPs, enter response information manually, and/or import the responses. We offer the most complete flexibility in moving, managing, and updating your information!

Export your guest information from your online Guest Manager database right to your own computer, as well as any custom fields you may have created for your guest profiles. As guests RSVP to your event(s), you can export the response information to your computer as well as print out summaries and reports.


Event & Planning Calendar

Your WedShare event calendar is powerful and rich in features and customization. It is one of the most important tools you will be relying on throughout the planning process. The calendar allows you to keep your notes, dates, and deadlines organized and conveniently available from wherever you have Internet access. Events you denote as public will be visible to the visitors of your wedding website, so it's easier than ever for friends, family, and vendors to know when they can and can't reach you.

Event & Planning Calendar →

Your WedShare event calendar is a software application itself. Powerful and rich in features and customization, it is one of the most important tools you will be relying on throughout the planning process. The calendar is as fully featured as any commercial planner and allows you to keep your notes, dates, and deadlines organized and conveniently available from wherever you have Internet access.

Events you denote as public will be visible to the visitors of your wedding website, so it's easier than ever for friends, family, and vendors to know when they can and can't reach you.

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Media-Rich Music Requests

Need to gather and share music suggestions for your reception or other event? This is the way to do it!

Get everyone's feedback, suggestions, and even audio/video samples up on your website to be shared and commented on. Let guests rate the music they like best, and tally the scores. Make it as interactive as possible, so everyone can contribute and have fun doing so. In the end, you've got some invaluable information regarding your family's and friends' likes, dislikes, and preferences. Your band or DJ will gratefully accept the information while tailoring your play list, and your wedding music will have a fine-tuned head-start.

The Music Requests List was designed with all this in mind. You and your guests can add and sort suggestions, post audio, video, and album art, and share comments. There are a lot of cool new features, too, like drag/drop uploads, instant music video suggestions, and more.

Check out the details at Pixel & Ink, and see a sample list at the demo site.

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Website Security

Password Protect Your Website

WedShare is committed to the security and privacy of your personal information. You have full control of the security configuration of your wedding website, whether you would like your website open to the public or protected by a 32-bit encrypted password. You can select, change, and remove your website password at any time.


Add a Visitor Identification Request

As an alternative to a password, you can request that your visitors supply an identifying piece of information - such as an email address or name - when logging into your website. Then, your visitor log (see the Visitor Log info box) will show your visitors' identification along with their IP address.


Add a Visitor Registration System

As an alternative to a website password, you can activate visitor registration, a complete account management system that will require each of your website's visitors to register on their first visit. Your website will generate a password for each visitor and send it to the email address they provide, ensuring that only visitors with valid email addresses are allowed. Their email address is then logged for you so you can see who is visiting and when. You can even block troublemakers and lock out unwanted solicitors, and if your visitors forget their password or want to change it, your website handles that, too... automatically!

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View Site Traffic Reports & Visitor Log

Keep track of who your visitors are and how many people hit your site every day by activating one of a variety of logging methods. Depending on what your preferences are, you might log IP addresses, request identification from each user, or activate the visitor registration system. Your Dashboard will allow you to examine your website traffic on any date or dates you wish.


More Great Features

Website Content Spellchecker

Spellcheck Your Website Text!

One click brings up a convenient spellchecker to help correct your website content as you enter it in. You'll even get suggestions on how to fix typos, misspellings, and other creative word inventions...all on-the-fly.

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Optionally Add Your Own Custom HTML

All of our text entries allow you to switch back and forth between layout and HTML design views so that you can edit your content right on the HTML level. Our text designer tool even has an interface to create and edit HTML tables.

With a WedShare website, you can enjoy all the easy point-and-click benefits of our service while at the same time maintaining tight code-level control over your content. If you have HTML experience or would like to add in third-party scripts, it's as easy as toggling the text designer's HTML view.

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Unlimited Off-Menu Pages and Submenus

Sometimes you may want to create pages of your website that are not listed on the main menu. For example, you may want to create a page linked off the main menu which in turn has its own menu linking to several sub-pages.

With WedShare, you can create an unlimited number of custom pages, and specify whether or not they should be listed in your website's menu. You can then link to these pages however you like: create submenus on certain pages, or have some pages unlinked entirely so that only those people you give the address to even know how to get to it. You might even link to such hidden pages from another website.

Click to learn more!

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Post a Wedding Date Countdown

You can choose to have a wedding date countdown on your Welcome Page, counting down the days to the big moment! Format the message to be anything you like.


Weather Forecasts & Reports

Post flexible weather reports on any page of your website and for any location. Fully customizable so you can specify what is forecasted (weather, humidity, etc.). Set it to report current weather conditions only or to provide an extended forecast.

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Activate/Deactivate Your Web Pages

Each page or feature of your site can be independantly turned on or off, allowing you to build your website at your own pace, and to disable features that you do not want or need. You may even want to temporarily deactivate a page for a certain period of time; your information, photos, and layout preferences for that page are all saved until you activate the page again at a later date.


Easily Reorder Website Menu & Entries

Nothing about your WedShare wedding website is static, and your menu and page entries are no different. Not only can you rename all your menu labels and webpage headers, but you can arrange and re-arrange your menu and page entries as often as you wish; it's easier than shuffling a deck of cards. Order your web pages, entries and features according to your own priorities and liking.


Add Flexible Polls to Any Page

Request feedback or preferences from guests such as a "Reception Music Request Form" or a "Bar Menu Form" for example!

Make your website even more interactive by creating your own custom polls! Add as many as you like; change, activate, and deactivate them at anytime! Your polls can be placed in existing pages on your website, in a single custom page layout or in multiple pages at once!


Add Custom Quizzes to Any Page

Make your website even more interactive by creating your own custom quizzes! Add as many as you like; change, activate, and deactivate them at anytime! Your quizzes can be placed in existing pages on your website, in a single custom page layout or in multiple pages at once.

Like polls, you can choose to set up quiz answers in free-form or multiple choice, and even set up images for each answer. You can dermine one or more correct answers for each quiz question, and opt to keep results hidden or presented as a summary to participants.


Customize Your Main Header Photo

Add a favorite shot of yourself to all the pages of your website as well as your animated Flash introduction. Crop to a clean square and set the header photo placement all with a single click. Like everything else, your header photo can be changed as often as you like.

Further customize select designs by swapping all header background imagery and embellishments, or uploading your own!


Create a Gift Wish List

Have items on your list that aren't in your wedding registry? Put them there yourself with your gift registry page's wish list feature. Post the photo, description, and even price/store location of items you have an eye on. And they don't have to be physical items either; why not create your own honeymoon registry, where items are activities like "Champagne Brunch", "Horseback Riding" or "Hotel Accommodations for Week 1"?

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Select From Several Page Layouts

Each individual webpage has a number of flexible layouts: all page-specific, no "cookie-cutter" schemes like some other services. Our layouts allow you to arrange multiple photos, captions, text blocks and more. And, like everything else, you can change it all at any time, with the click of a mouse!


Change Design/Color Scheme Any Time

Our professional and attractive designs are organized into themes, each with a number of available color schemes. The entire look and feel of your wedding website should reflect your personal style and the style of your wedding.

Moods change, preferences change, and so do wedding details. One of the many advantages of a WedShare wedding site is that it can change, too... even from day to day, if you wish! With one click, the design and colors of your entire site can be altered. And, since we're always adding new designs and themes, if a new addition catches your eye, you can always switch. Your visitors will be amazed at how your website is never the same place twice!


Beautiful & Unique Design Selections

WedShare's wedding website designs are professionally created and set up so that you can build upon them to create your own personal look and style. Select from a variety of themes and color schemes, and change the look of your entire wedding website with a single click.

Since we're always adding new colors and designs, if you see an addition later that you like, you can always switch. You can change the theme, colors, and layout of your overall wedding website, as well as the arrangements of your individual pages, at any time and as often as you like.

Visit our designs page for more!


Flexible Layout Options

Each of your pages can be formatted in a variety of ways simply by selecting the desired option and clicking once to save the change. You can change the layout of any page this way, as often as you need.


Add a Hit Counter to Any Page

Track your traffic with customizable hit counters placed on any page you choose.


Add Third-Party Features

With, you can modify your website on the HTML level, and can even paste in third-party code/script snippets to embed YouTube videos, music jukeboxes, effects, or other third-party features. The possibilities are endless!

Click to learn more!


Use a Domain Name You Already Own

Already have a domain name? No problem; point it to our servers and keep your existing website address.


Add Multiple Domain Names

Do you want to have more than one domain name point to your website
(i.e. AND

Whether you own your own domain(s) and would like to add them to your website, or need us to purchase additional domains for you, you can assign an unlimited number of domains to your website.


Continual Updates & Upgrades

We're always adding new features and designs to our service, based on member feedback, the evolving online bridal scene, and changing technology. The "Announcements" tab on your Dashboard will always keep you up-to-date on what we're adding.


No Advertisements

With WedShare's paid membership, there are never advertisements on any of your web pages, planning tools, or your Dashboard. Your email is also free of any attached advertising footers. We'd like you to think of your wedding website as your home base: for all your planning, organizing, and sharing. We've created our entire service with that goal in mind.


Unmatched 24/7 Customer Support

We're thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this special time in your lives. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and our track record shows it. Our members have given us the grade of A+ for our unparalleled customer support. Any question, comment, suggestion, or issue you submit to us will be handled promptly within 24 hours, 7 days a week. Submit support tickets and browse our comprehensive knowledgebase at the WedShare Support Center anytime. We take care of our members!


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