WedShare for Facebook (beta) Available Now has just released the beta version of WedShare for Facebook, a new Facebook application that will allow you to associate your guests with your Facebook friends, share your events on Facebook, and more!

WedShare for Facebook Guest Manager integrates your guests and Facebook friends

The WedShare for Facebook Guest Manager associates your guests and Facebook friends

WedShare for Facebook is actually a new wedding planning client with its own applications, or “apps”, that integrate with your WedShare personal wedding website. It’s a good chance that many–if not most–of your wedding guests are Facebook friends as well. The WedShare for Facebook Guest Manager integrates with your standard WedShare Guest Manager and automatically maps your friends to your guests.

Here I’d like to pause for a disclaimer: WedShare for Facebook is a brand new client, and it’s being released as a beta add-on feature to WedShare. This means that it’s still actively being built, actively being debugged, and is in no way, shape, or form a finished product. But the currently available apps are stable, and WedShare is encouraging its Facebook-connected members to give it a try, and see what you think. Suggestions and feedback are appreciated!

Your WedShare for Facebook dashboard. Two applications are live in the beta release

Your WedShare for Facebook dashboard. Two applications are live in the beta release

The WedShare for Facebook dashboard is for brides, grooms, and guests. If you’re planning your big day, you’ll see the available planning apps as icons, and if you’re a guest, you’ll be able to view and submit an RSVP for any events you’re invited to. Everything is integrated to your wedding website, so if you modify something on Facebook, it updates on your wedding website, and vice-versa.

The apps currently available in the beta release are the Guest Manager and Event Manager. WedShare has more on the way, but wants to get these two important features well-used and well-tested by members first.

Manage your events and share them with Facebook friends

Manage your events and share them with Facebook friends

You don’t need a WedShare wedding website to use WedShare for Facebook, but the great thing about it–if you do–is that both clients are integrated in real time. If a guest who is also a Facebook friends submits an RSVP on Facebook, your website’s RSVP page updates, too.

Another feature is the optional My WedShare tab on your Facebook profile. Choose which content from your planning apps and personal wedding website to also include here. It’s a great way to share the big day details! Currently, only the Event Manager planning app is included (guests can RSVP from here, too!), but more options are on the way.

Include wedding details on your Facebook profile

Share your wedding details and allow RSVPs, right on your Facebook profile

Give it a try today at

In addition to usability, suggestions are also welcome for the final name of the application and the profile tab. A discussion board is available at the application profile page for the purpose, and as always, feedback is welcome on the WedShare profile page as well:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. avatar Mendel says:

    Hi Jason,
    Whatever happened to the FB app? It sounds perfect for what I’m looking for, but I can’t seem to find any traces of it now… With the change in FB APIs, has it been abandoned or being redone?

    Fingers crossed that I’m just not finding it, but it’s actually there!


    BTW, liking the toolset and site so far, but I’m only 1d into the trial period

  2. avatar Jason says:

    Hi Mendel, thanks for writing! WedShare is currently upgrading the app to comply with Facebook’s new graph and Javascript APIs. The original API on which this app is based is being deprecated by our good friends at Facebook, with no backwards compatibility. The new app should arrive later this year.
    Some of the features (the friend-to-guest mapping and FB image import) may be built into the WedShare Guest Manager separately. Stay tuned for the upcoming additions, and best of luck with your wedding planning!

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