Apparel Designer Bill Levkoff, Inc’s Hi-Tech Approach

Happy Monday, everyone. Well, it’s back to the grind, but at least we have a short week ahead of us. Some tech news came up today I wanted to share that can hopefully assist those looking into bridesmaid dress styles/colors. I think this can be a really helpful tool to visualize and play with various looks and options.

Of all the designers of bridesmaid attire, I’ve always thought that Bill Levkoff had one of the best, most informative, and most useful online representations of their catalog. In e-Plan Your Wedding, I used the Bill Levkoff website as an example of a great bridesmaid attire research tool, highlighting its intuitive point-and-click interface that allowed you to visualize various colors and dress styles with ease.

Today, Bill Levkoff, Inc. has announced their continuing recognition of how important a strong online presence is in the current bridal market. They’ve redesigned their website to provide a richer search interface that’s designed to make brides feel as if they were seeing the dresses in person. Indeed, the overall theme of the website is that of a virtual dressing room, where you navigate the website’s menu by “moving” through rooms. Might be a little overkill, but it’s the kind of flashy hi-tech showmanship those familiar with the designer’s online interface have come to expect.

The company is also leveraging on the social networking tools Facebook and Twitter to interact with their customers on a daily basis, according to CEO’s Brett Levkoff and Andrew Buchbinder. They’ve set up a Facebook Fan Page, and brides can also keep up-to-date by following @BillLevkoff on Twitter (

The home page of Bill Levkoff's recently redesigned bridesmaid attire website

The home page of Bill Levkoff's recently redesigned bridesmaid attire website

Browse through various designs and colors with ease

Browse through various designs and colors with ease

Photo Credits: Screenshots from Bill Levkoff, Inc.

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